Influence Peddling by Paxton Means He Must Step Aside

Paxton’s corruption was not limited to his private actions
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News reports today reveal that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was not only swindling friends and legal clients but also being paid to give political advice on influencing government.  A key witness in the case now says that Paxton was compensated to advise a fraudulent company on how to navigate official offices and win government contracts.  
The felony charges currently pending against Ken Paxton are extremely serious.  If convicted, he could be sentenced to the state penitentiary.  Until now, however, his crimes were viewed as actions taken outside his role as an officeholder.  It appears, though, that Paxton may have used his official position in the Legislature to advise and assist the very same company he helped swindle individuals.
Statement by Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle
“Ken Paxton’s betrayal of public trust is even worse than previously known.  While serving in public office, Paxton was essentially lobbying on behalf of a company he was also helping cheat individuals out of their hard-earned money. 
“Texans have been patient with Ken Paxton, but he has now forfeited any benefit of doubt.  It’s time for Paxton to step aside from day-to-day management of the AG office and turn over the responsibilities to a deputy. 
“Greg Abbott has weakly brushed aside Paxton’s prosecution saying Paxton deserves “due process.”  Governor Abbott should put the interests of Texans ahead of partisan political concerns and stop providing cover for a corrupt ally like Ken Paxton.”

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