Lone Star Project Launches “LSPlainer”

Exposing Texas Republican attacks on your personal freedoms, your kids, and your financial security
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After two decades of one party Republican control in Texas, it’s clearer than ever that the priorities of Texas GOP leaders are now aimed at their own narrow political needs and are doing great damage to Texas families and the long-term health of the Texas economy.  Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and other GOP leaders are ignoring Texas families to use the current legislative session to prepare for their next campaigns.  Texas Republicans are rewarding donors, cronies, and partisan activists with perks and favors, all the while disguising their actions in phony pro-Texas conservative rhetoric.   

That’s why the Lone Star Project is launching “LSPlainer.”  

LSPlainer” is an online tool fair-minded Texans can use to peel back Republican rhetoric during the 85th legislative session and see the real damage being done by current Republican leaders. The website will be updated regularly to provide current information on what’s happening in Austin so you have the facts necessary to fight back against the failed Texas Republican agenda.



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