Statement on Ken Paxton appearing in a Collin County court ahead of his criminal securities fraud trial

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Today Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appeared in a Collin County court ahead of his criminal securities fraud trial. Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement:

“Ken Paxton was all over the news yesterday flacking the legal brief he filed supporting Donald Trump’s overturned Executive Order.  Why? Because Paxton doesn’t want any attention paid to his appearance today in criminal court on the felony swindling charges that are pending against him.
“Paxton knows that there is little legal value in his brief backing Trump.  His move yesterday was all about diversion and political cover.  Paxton is being tried in criminal court on serious felony charges that aren’t going away.  Even the home-cooking he expects from a Collin Country jury may be lost if the court orders a change in venue.
“It’s a safe bet that any time Texans see Ken Paxton or his handlers pushing a story to the press, new activity in his criminal trial is just around the corner.  The diversions are only good for a while, however.  A judge and jury will decide Paxton’s fate, and no amount of political diversion will put off a jail sentence.”

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