Lone Star Project Spotlight

State Representative Rafael Anchia
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Lone Star Project Spotlight

 State Representative Rafael Anchia
For his courageous defense of Texas children

On Wednesday, State Representative Rafael Anchia (HD103 – Dallas) showed courage, frankness and character rarely seen on the floor of the Texas State House or in public service anywhere.
Representative Anchia’s remarks can be viewed below:
The Texas State House was debating proposals to reform and repair Texas’ Child Protective Services (CPS) which, through the indifference and incompetence of Governor Abbott and other Texas Republican leaders, has left Texas children in the care of the state abused, neglected and some have even died.  A recent Texas Tribune exposé revealed that nearly 79,000 of the children lured into sex trafficking in Texas passed through the state’s foster care system.
During the debate, an amendment was offered by Tea Party Republican Representative Mark Keogh (HD15 – Woodlands) to withhold funding for vulnerable children placed with relatives who were undocumented. The amendment would have instead forced foster care children to be left with strangers or taken to overcrowded CPS facilities.  The political purpose of the amendment was unmistakable: it was an opportunity for Republicans to throw anti-Hispanic red meat to activist extremists who now control Republican Party primaries in Texas.
Representative Anchia did not let the moment pass unchallenged.  He rose to oppose the amendment and called out House Republican members for using a debate on how to save the lives of vulnerable Texas children in order to feed the racist views held by many within the Republican Party.
The objections raised by Representative Anchia and other honorable Democratic members resulted in the amendment being withdrawn


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