Statement on Abbott’s Anti-Local Control Speech

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Today Greg Abbott spoke in Fort Worth and again promoted stripping away local control from municipalities across the state. Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement:

“Greg Abbott rolled his big government bandwagon into Fort Worth today to somehow convince local voters to give up their right to local control.  Abbott arrogantly insists that Austin knows better and that all the shots should be called from the State Capitol.  He’s turning the principle of conservatism inside out.
“Greg Abbott is just the latest Big Government Republican to bring his Austin-first anti-local control act to Tarrant County.  First, Dan Patrick showed up in Fort Worth to bully local school parents and school officials. Then, Ken Paxton weighed in with a cynical nonbinding “legal opinion” designed to intimidate local elected officials. Now, Abbott shows up late to the game but just as intent on telling local voters and locally elected officials what to do and when.

“It’s clear enough that Fort Worth and Arlington voters can’t count on their State Senator to stick up for them. State Senator Konni Burton doesn’t stand up to blowhards from Austin, she rolls out the welcome mat for themBurton embraces the same top down, big government approach as Abbott and Patrick.  In her short time in the State Senate, Burton earned her big government stripes by slamming the door on local leaders, refusing to defend local voters or even helping with important local projects.”

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