Key Rulings in Ken Paxton Criminal Trial Tomorrow

Here’s the background to bring you up to speed on Paxton’s crimes and corruption
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Tomorrow, State Criminal District Court Judge George Gallagher will rule on a series of motions in the ongoing prosecution of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  The judge will rule on a request to move the trial out of Collin County, a request to delay the trial and a request to drop the indictments altogether.

Tomorrow will also mark over 600 days since Ken Paxton was indicted by a grand jury for felony securities fraud and over 1,000 days since Texans learned that Paxton failed to register as an investment advisor while soliciting investment money and receiving kickbacks for doing so.

From the outset, the Lone Star Project has detailed Ken Paxton’s felony criminal fraud prosecution and many of his other illegal and/or unethical activities.

To catch up on Paxton’s corruption dumpster fire and see the details surrounding the criminal charges against him, we’ve provided a number of Lone Star Project reports that should bring you up to speed ahead of tomorrow’s ruling:

3/2/2017Paxton Dodges Civil Penalty, but Criminal Jury Trial Awaits Him, Criminal charges carry possibility of a prison sentence [READ MORE

11/30/2016Ken Paxton’s “Televangelism”, Texas Monthly details how Ken Paxton is using TV time in effort to avoid jail time [READ MORE]

9/11/2015: Will Ken Paxton Sabotage the Criminal Prosecution Against Him?, Paxton using special treatment and friends to undermine prosecutors and hold himself above the law [READ MORE

8/1/2015TX AG Ken Paxton Indicted on Criminal Felony Charges, Paxton will be prosecuted for swindling Texans [READ MORE

7/9/2015: Throwback Thursday: Ken Paxton’s Troubled Past, Don’t let today’s headlines fool you, Paxton has always had a problem with ethics [READ MORE

3/19/2015: Ken Paxton is “Solicitor” in State Securities Board Document, Will Collin and/or Dallas County DA Investigate Paxton Crimes? [READ MORE]

9/25/2014: Post-election Criminal Investigation Likely for Ken Paxton, Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle says Paxton has “indictment hanging over his head” [READ MORE

7/30/2014: Ken Paxton Voted for the Law He Violated, Paxton voted “Yea” on securities law but “Nay” on obeying it [READ MORE

You can see a complete index of Paxton related reports here.

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