BREAKING: Judge Denies Paxton’s Request to Dismiss Criminal Indictment

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Today State Criminal District Court Judge George Gallagher denied Attorney General Ken Paxton’s request to dismiss his felony criminal indictment and granted a motion to move the trial out of Collin County. Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement: 

“Today’s ruling is no surprise—the evidence to prosecute Ken Paxton is overwhelming and has been building for nearly three years. Paxton and his corrupt crony connections throughout Collin County make a change in venue obvious and necessary.

“After serving for 12 years as Attorney General, nobody should understand the responsibility of Texas AG more than Greg Abbott. Abbott knows that our AG can’t serve the people of Texas while struggling to stay out of jail, yet Abbott continues to support and prop up his criminally indicted successor.

“A fair question to Greg Abbott: if you were under felony criminal indictment while serving as Attorney General, could you focus properly on your job and effectively enforce the law?

“Ken Paxton will have his day in court, but Greg Abbott owes Texans an explanation laying out why he thinks an AG under criminal indictment can be trusted to enforce the law.

“Every single day a criminally indicted Ken Paxton serves as Attorney General is another day Greg Abbott fails at his duty to ensure the laws of Texas are enforced and all Texans are protected.”

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