Ted Cruz: All the charm of a toothache and a nickname that stuck – “Lyin’ Ted”

Real examples of Ted Cruz displaying self-serving dishonesty
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Ted Cruz goes into his 2018 U.S. Senate re-election campaign in Texas with the considerable partisan advantage of being a well-known Republican – and that’s about it.  Cruz can’t legitimately claim credit for any lasting legislative accomplishment or any big project important to Texans.  After more than four years in the U.S. Senate, Cruz is known for annoying his colleagues and for earning the nickname given to him by Donald Trump – “Lyin’ Ted”.

The judgement on Cruz’s personality and demeanor are subjective, but we’re pretty sure that we aren’t alone in concluding that Ted Cruz is a shallow, shameless self-promoter with all the charm of a toothache. 

Trump IDing Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted”, however, can be objectively demonstrated. 
Here are just five examples of Ted Cruz displaying the self-serving dishonesty that earned him the “Lyin’ Ted” tag:

  1. Cruz Lie: Cruz signed the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” which is a “written commitment to the American people to ‘oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes.’”

But, Cruz himself rolled out a proposed a 16% “border adjustment tax” which would place new taxes on imported goods like food and clothing.  In fact, in January, when Donald Trump released his border adjustment tax plan that would increase taxes on Texans by $17 billion, he appeared to get his tax increase idea from Ted Cruz.

  1. Cruz Lie: Ted Cruz once fiercely promoted foreign policy that “puts Putin on notice that the United States is reclaiming our traditional role as leader of the free world”.

Every major U.S. intelligence agency, along with many of Cruz’s own Republican colleagues, have confirmed that Vladimir Putin and Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help elect Donald Trump. Former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney even called Russian meddling an “act of war.”  Meanwhile, Ted Cruz refuses to condemn the Russian campaign espionage or join Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain who are calling for an independent commission to investigate Russian election interference.

  1. Cruz Lie: “Stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”

Sounds like Ted Cruz holds those he supports to high ethical and moral standards.  Not really.  Cruz is one of the earliest and strongest supporters of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who is arguably the most corrupt and unethical statewide elected official in Texas.  Just yesterday, a criminal district court judge confirmed that Paxton must stand trial on three felony criminal charges. Cruz’s support for Paxton was probably the key signal to the extreme Tea Party Republican fringe voters who were essential to Paxton locking down the GOP nomination for AG in 2014.

  1. Cruz Lie: “We are a country founded on Judeo-Christian values, founded by those fleeing religious oppression and seeking a land where we could worship God and live according to our faith, without being imprisoned for doing so.”

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Cruz voted “no” on an amendment that simply reaffirmed our nation’s principle of religious liberty. The language found objectionable by Cruz read: “It is the sense of the Senate that the United States must not bar individuals from entering into the United States based on their religion, as such action would be contrary to the fundamental principles on which this Nation was founded.” 

  1. Cruz Lie: “We must act affirmatively to protect the Internet and the amazing engine for economic growth and opportunity the Internet has become…” 

On March 23, 2017, Cruz sided with Republican members of the Senate and voted to allow internet service providers to collect and sell your personal information.  Now, cable companies and internet providers will be able to sell “private information about personal preferences, health problems and financial matters.”

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