Konni Puts Ideology Over Kids, Again

Burton votes “no” on bill to keep kids safe walking to or from school
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No Mom, Dad or any caring person in our community should have to worry about the safety of local kids walking to or from school.  Unfortunately, that is simply not reality today.

Just a year ago, a Houston middle school student was walking the seven blocks home from school where he had stayed late to attend a Science Club party. Instead of coming home, doing homework and playing with friends, the boy’s life was tragically taken after being stabbed without provocation or reason.

To help keep kids safe when walking to or from school, State Senator Sylvia Garcia (SD-6 Houston) authored Senate Bill 195 which allows school districts to request funding for programs to transport students to and from school in areas with a high risk of violence. The Garcia bill is common-sense, inexpensive and would help parents sleep easier knowing their children will be safe traveling a few blocks to school every day. That’s why 22 State Senators of both political parties joined Garcia to pass Senate Bill 195.

However, Senator Konni Burton (SD10 – Colleyville) along with 8 other Republican State Senators voted “no” on the Garcia bill even after the Texas PTA, teacher groups, the YMCA and neighborhood advocates weighed in with their support.
Burton continues to put bizarre ideology over common sense
Last week, the Lone Star Project highlighted how Konni Burton and other ideological Republican members of the Texas State Senate rejected a commonsense bill to require seat belts on Texas school buses. This week, four Republican members of the State Senate, including Burton, again voted against making kids safer while traveling to and from school.

Burton’s off-the-edge ideology and her flat rejection of commonsense public safety are nothing short of bizarre. But it’s no surprise. In addition to opposing safety measures to protect kids, Burton is the lead voice blocking a texting while driving ban that is supported by law enforcement, local governments and public safety organizations.

Through two legislative sessions, Konni Burton has fairly earned the reputation as a fringe, inflexible ideologue who believes she knows better than parents, the police and local officials. During the current legislative session, Burton has burned in her reputation as the most anti-public safety member of the Texas State Senate.

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