Konni Burton’s Tea Party Roll Call

Same old, same old: Burton copies and pastes 2014 Tea Party endorsement list
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The letter “C” has been getting a lot more use on keyboards in Konni Burton’s campaign office lately. No, her staff has not been misspelling her name.  Instead, they have been pressing “control C”– copying and pasting her old Tea Party endorsements.  Why does Konni bother to put out a short, predictable and unimpressive endorsement list of Tea Party regulars?  To create the illusion of local support, quiet persistent talk of a primary challenger and, of course, to appease her out-of-town billionaire bankroller.
Burton’s List of Tea Party Regulars
When incumbent candidates release early endorsement lists, it’s usually to show off new support to impress the media and political observers with the breadth and depth of support earned through their service.  However, the list released by Republican State Senator Konni Burton does neither.  It reads more like “who cares” than “who’s who.”

Not a single name on Burton’s list will surprise or impress anyone as a new or influential supporter.  Burton’s early endorsers are a small, predictable group of Tea Party gadflies, goofballs and backbenchers who either aren’t known or aren’t liked by mainstream District 10 voters.  Here are the highlights on a few of them:

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