Who’s Soft on Crime and Bad for Texas Business? Texas Republicans

Abbott/Patrick agenda defies law enforcement leaders and will cost Texans a quarter million jobs
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If you’re disoriented by the headline, we understand.  For a generation or more, Texas Republicans have pushed a tough on crime point of view and embraced a pro-business profile.
Times have changed.
Current Texas Republicans at the very top like Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick – along with those sitting on the back bench like Senator Konni Burton (SD10, Colleyville), Rep.  Jonathan Stickland (HD92, Bedford), and Rep. Jason Villalba (HD114, Dallas) – combine ideological extremism with cynical political self-preservation to push an agenda that makes Texans less safe and drags our economy down.
The Abbott/Patrick Republican one-two punch to Texans
SB4, misnamed the “sanctuary city” bill, was the top priority for Texas Republican leaders.  They rammed it through the Legislature, and it was quickly signed by Greg Abbott.  In this one bill – served up as red meat to the off-the-edge activists who now control the Texas Republican Primary –  Abbott and Patrick and their followers in the Legislature delivered a one-two punch to Texas public safety and jobs. 
Soft on Crime Conservatives – Six police chiefs from Texas’ largest cities formally notified Abbott, Patrick and legislators that the bill would make Texans less safe.  The law enforcement professionals were ignored.  Republicans across the state got on board.  Every single Republican legislator – including those who pass themselves off as “establishment” like Jason Villalba in Dallas and Sarah Davis in Houston – chose an ideological pander over police officials and public safety.
GOP Job Killers – Republican leaders in Austin are not only putting public safety at risk, they are delivering a painful blow to our Texas economy.  Today, Texas business leaders forecast that the bill will take nearly $14 billion out of the Texas economy.  Up to a quarter of a million jobs will be lost in Texas with the law in effect. 
Texas Republicans have made their choice – Narrow and divisive ideology over Texas families and jobs
Steadily, year by year and issue by issue, Texas Republican leaders have become so dependent upon the most divisive, narrow-minded and mean-spirited elements within the Republican Party base that they have abandoned sensible law enforcement and fundamental business principles. 
While the press and the Texas public at large are still adjusting, actions and facts now point to Texas Democrats as the party most concerned about public safety and best able to protect jobs and our Texas economy.

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