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LSP Victory Map Shows Campaigns to Watch – and Join

Since the Texas primary run-off, the Lone Star Project has been asked by dozens of activists and donors to help identify the most competitive Democratic challenger and Democratic incumbent races leading into the 2008 General Election.

East Texas Federal Court will hear challenge to flawed Texas law

For more than two years, the Lone Star Project has detailed how Texas Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott uses his official office to market and carry out a phony “epidemic of voter fraud” initiative. (Source: Abbott column, March 1, 2006).

  • Coverage for 200,000 Texas children – No
  • Coverage for low paid State Employees – No
  • Coverage for highly paid Austin lobbyists – Yes

Six Texas voters joined with the Texas Democratic Party to file a lawsuit in U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, challenging mail ballot statutes enacted in 2003.


Recent Reports

Campaign allows ad scripts to be leaked to Shelton opponent Wendy Davis

As the press release from Senate District 10 incumbent Senator Wendy Davis below explains, the Davis campaign just moments ago released and rebutted three attack ads to be produced and aired by her Republican opponent Mark Shelton BEFORE THE ADS GO ON THE AIR.

Details to support LSP statements

Recently, I made public statements characterizing Mitt Romney as out of touch with average Americans and disconnected from the middle class. The Lone Star Project has been asked to give further details to support these statements, which we are happy to provide below.

Positive Davis ad tells a personal story and demonstrates belief in Texas children

Most political observers in Texas agree that Senate District 10 is the most important legislative race in Texas in 2012. Incumbent Wendy Davis has built a strong, broad coalition of Democrats, independents and fair-minded Republicans to fight off what is expected to be a series of harsh partisan and ideological attacks by her opponent Mark Shelton and partisan State leaders like Rick Perry and Greg Abbott.