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Congressional Redistricting and DeLay's Ethics Problems Cost Texas Clout

While the media and politicians typically focus on the partisan battles that take place in Congress, many important decisions, particularly the appropriation of funds, are settled on a regional

Sessions May Have Traded Official Acts for Foreign Trips and Contributions

An analysis of recent press accounts and public documents raises serious questions regarding whether a number of Congressman Pete Sessions’ (R – Dallas) official acts were connected to an all-expense paid trip to exotic Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and to the receipt


Recent Reports

New television ad details Carter’s dishonesty

Throughout the year, Republican State House candidate Stefani Carter has been embroiled in one ethical scandal after another. Most damaging, the scandals expose Carter as someone who lacks fundamental honesty and integrity. A television ad currently airing in Dallas accurately summarizes Carter’s ethical failings and is consistent with Lone Star Project research. Watch the ad below and then click on the Lone Star Project Reports to see supporting documents and detailed citations.

Documents show Zedler hired a convicted tax cheat

Documents reviewed by the Lone Star Project reveal that Bill Zedler has paid thousands of dollars in consulting fees to a company operated by convicted tax cheat Craig Ownby.

Flores takes aim at Social Security, Medicare and Veterans Healthcare

In a recent television ad, former Fort Hood commander Lieutenant General (U.S. Army, ret.) Paul Funk spoke out for all of our nations’ veterans, saying “Bill Flores is spreading outright lies against Chet Edwards” and warning Flores’ privatization scheme “would hurt our nation's veterans, badly.” Millionaire Republican candidate Bill Flores has staked out positions that would have a devastatingly negative effect on senior citizens and their families.