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Interest remains high in the Texas Democratic Party’s presidential delegate selection process.  The over 8,000 precinct conventions that took place on March 4th were only the first in a three step process to ultimately allocate 67 of Texas’ 228 Democratic convention delegates.  Over 1 million peo

Super Tuesday Losers: Texas Republican Leaders

In state after state, including traditionally Republican states, independent voters and "new" voters have joined highly-motivated Democrats to propel a much higher turnout in Democratic primaries, casting far more votes than a dispirited Republican base has cast in their primaries.

Video details courageous fight against Republican Voter ID Bill

The courageous stand taken by State Senator Mario Gallegos who, following a liver transplant, defied doctors' orders and stayed in the Texas Senate to block passage of an onerous Voter ID bill, is a true inspiration.  While the Lone Star Project detailed Senator Gallegos' story in a

Video details courageous fight against Republican Voter ID Bill



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Strong candidate, district configuration and disciplined strategy key to victory

State Representative Marc Veasey won the Democratic Party nomination in new Texas Congressional District 33 yesterday. The district is overwhelmingly Democratic so, while Veasey must run a fall campaign, it is almost certain he will be sworn into Congress next January.

Reports covering CD33 and recent articles on the race.

Over the past three and a half months, the Lone Star Project has issued a series of reports detailing the democratic primary election for new Texas Congressional District 33. CD33 is a safe democratic district, so winning the democratic primary is tantamount to winning the election in the fall.

...Royce West, Eddie Bernice Johnson and many other Democrats

Yesterday, Domingo Garcia wildly attacked Marc Veasey after he learned that the National Association of Realtors and Fort Worth businessman Ed Bass have rejected Garcia and weighed in with support