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“Texas Republicans should stop wasting our tax dollars defending disastrous policies and start solving urgent state needs like fo

Nonpartisan report shows Trump’s economic plan would cause recession

Yesterday Moody’s Analytics

Castro Brothers, Pete Gallego, and local elected officials rally Texas Democrats in San Antonio
This past weekend, Texas Democrats gathered in San Antonio to elect delegates to the Democratic National Convention.
GOP governors across the country have denounced Trump, will Greg Abbott?

On the heels of national criticism


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The money is easy, but his embrace of Will Hurd may do more harm than good.

Tomorrow, Speaker of the U.S. House Paul Ryan will be in Wimberley, just south of Austin, with two goals: Raise funds from Texas Republican donors; and try to rescue endangered first-term GOP Congressman Will Hurd (CD23 – San Antonio/SW Texas).

Hawk’s repeated long absences have led to calls that she step down

Over the last year, Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk has taken repeated long le