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Texans for Public Justice detail Paxton crimes to Travis County DA
Will he confess to the Texas Sheriffs' Assocation

Admitted criminal and Tea Party Republican candidate Ken Paxton is bringing his “now-you-see-him-now-you-don’t” campaign to the Sheriffs' Association of Texas Annual Meeting in San Antonio next wee

If Not — Why Not? Find out this Saturday, July 19th

This Saturday, Konni Burton, Republican Tea Party candidate for Senate District 10 will appear at a public event with embattled GOP Attorney General candidate and admitted criminal Ken Paxton.

Shows up after hiding out for more than a month

Yesterday Tea Party Republican nominee for Lt. Governor Dan Patrick hosted his first public event in more than a month. Before disappearing, Patrick was being pounded for his divisive anti-Hispanic rhetoric.


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Abbott is in court helping a millionaire donor and hurting Texans maimed by a drug-addled doctor

Today, the Dallas Morning News detailed how Greg Abbott intervened in an ongoing lawsuit to argue against patients who were horribly maimed or killed by incompetent, drug-abusing doctor, Christophe

Paxton voted “Yea” on securities law but “Nay” on obeying it
Texans for Public Justice detail Paxton crimes to Travis County DA

Last week, respected Texas watchdog group, Texans for Public Justice, filed an official criminal complaint with the Public Integrity Unit