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"Ken Paxton’s sleazy actions have played out publicly for well over a year. No one is surprised that Paxton has been dragged into criminal court to enter a plea on felony charges that could send him to the state penitentiary.

While Ken Paxton enters a plea in criminal court, find out how much you know about his sleazy behavior

Paxton Corruption Quiz Answers

Yet He Vilified Innocent Senior Citizens

Yesterday, when asked about a recent poll showing that 62 percent of Texas Republicans believe that indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign, Greg Abbott went out of his way to cut Paxton slack:

Vol. 2 – The Veterans Edition

Last month, the Lone Star Project highlighted the work of three Democratic State House members who fought through the hostile environment of the Republican controlled Texas Legislature to adopt meaningful new laws that help Texas families, veterans and our economy overall.


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Paxton’s corruption was not limited to his private actions

News reports today reveal that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was not only swindling friends and legal clients but also

Paxton using special treatment and friends to undermine prosecutors and hold himself above the law

Most criminal defendants don’t have political cronies holding the purse strings of the lawyers prosecuting them or have millionaire friends willing to use money to pressure and undermine prosecutor

Keep Dragging Texas Kids Through Court

Today, Texas kids from over 600 school districts – rural, urban and suburban from every region of our state – were dragged before the Texas Supreme Court to fight for their basic rights under our state constitution.