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Statement by Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

Texas is the greatest state in our nation, but that is despite Rick Perry and not because of him. In fact, perhaps the best evidence proving the resiliency of Texans is that we have withstood a failed and self-serving governor like Rick Perry.

It has become crystal clear that what’s most important to Texans, is least important to Texas leaders in Austin. Right now, Texans are stuck with leaders who care about taking care of their donors and the most narrow-minded Republican activists, and virtually nothing else. Texans worried about educating their kids, relieving traffic congestion, better jobs or lower home insurance rates are left out of the mix.

Currently, Texans are in charge of their own paychecks. If they want to direct their employer to make automatic payments, they can. That could end very soon if state leaders fold to pressure from Tea Party ideologues.

Paxton improperly referred twice as many clients than he previously admitted

On Sunday, the Dallas Morning News added fuel to the ongoing scandal involving State Attorney General Ken Paxton’s violation of state securi


Recent Reports

Lone Star Project research has compiled significant information regarding the involvement of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in a series of questionable property transactions in Collin County. Some of the information gathered by the Lone Star Project has already been made public in press reports, while other information has not yet been reported on at all.

The Houston Chronicle reports today that the criminal probe into Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's illegal activities has been expanded:

The 20 years of unchecked one-party Republican control in Texas have been marked by ongoing hostility toward Hispanic and African American Texans. Since just 2011, Texas Republican leaders have been ruled by federal courts to have intentionally discriminated against Hispanic and African American Texans three times: