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...A Republican legislator and a lobbyist with a Mercedes.

By acknowledging his mistake and apologizing to military servicemen and women, Abbott can put the Jade Helm 15 controversy behind us

The reactions to Governor Abbott’s Jade Helm 15 letter - which played into the irrational fears of his political base while questioning the loyalty and integrity of U.S. military personnel assigned to participate in the training mission - are not mixed. They are almost uniformly opposed.

"I knew Jim Wright was my congressman before I entered the first grade – and that was not unusual for those of us who grew up in the Fort Worth area during the 60’s and 70’s. Jim Wright was not just a powerful and influential committee chair, then House Majority Leader, and then House Speaker, he was OUR congressman. He never lost touch and never stopped working for his district and the State of Texas.

It is difficult to accurately describe or fully comprehend the failure in leadership displayed by Governor Greg Abbott over the past week. The unwillingness of Governor Abbott to quickly voice his unqualified support for U.S. troops who will train in Texas as part of the Jade Helm 15 exercises is shocking. Abbott and local officials had been fully informed and briefed about the exercises. Yet he raised no public concerns about the scheduled training until the matter became the subject of right wing talk radio and online chatter.


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Greg Abbott’s first promise broken from the 2014 election campaign is the one he made to men and women serving in the U.S. military. Abbott’s letter calling into question the integrity and loyalty of U.S. servicemen and women is a 180 degree pivot from his comments early last year when running for election.