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New Hispanic votes for Abbott offset by loss of African American votes

Abbott campaign claims and follow-up media reports imply that Greg Abbott significantly expanded electoral support from Hispanic voters in Texas during the 2014 campaign. That is not accurate - especially after taking into account the large growth in the Texas Hispanic population since just 2010.

Three quick actions Greg Abbott can take now to start shedding his corrupt, hyper-partisan brand.

Election margin aside, Greg Abbott enters office wearing the brand of a harsh and divisive partisan who has ignored ethical boundaries to help his friends and donors. Neither Rick Perry, nor George W. Bush before him, entered office with a more partisan profile or more examples of using public office to help their political benefactors.

Abbott dishonest on racist comments

Greg Abbott appeared at an event today in Houston and when asked a direct question, he chose to lie. Abbott said he did not know GOP Dallas County Judge candidate Ron Natinsky and had not heard Natinsky's racist comments, even though the two Republicans had appeared on stage together just a few hours earlier. Check out the video below.

Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle says this election has exposed GOP leaders’ cronyism and insensitivity to the lives of ordinary Texans

In a round of weekend television appearances, Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle said Republican leaders will be held accountable for turning their backs on ordinary Texans to reward their friends and donors. Angle stated that voters have a clear choice in Tuesday’s election between Democratic and Republican candidates.


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Yesterday we featured incoming Republican State Senators whose election causes real concern for the well-being of Texas families. However, they aren't the only new additions to the Texas Capitol who will likely make things worse instead of better. We should be equally concerned about many of the new State House members. Like their Senate counterparts, the incoming class of House Republicans includes divisive ideologues with controversial pasts and policy ideas way out of line with mainstream Texans.

New members bring more partisanship & divisiveness

As Texans, we’re naturally optimistic - even about newly-elected public officials. We assume they bring character, fresh perspective and good intentions to their jobs. Don’t get your hopes up about the new group taking the oath in Austin this month. This year’s class of new legislators - more so than any other new class in our memory - brings with them divisive temperaments and rigid ideology.

Allegations against Farenthold could lead to sanctions for violating official code of conduct

Few would mistake Republican Blake Farenthold (TX CD27 – Corpus Christi) as a congressional "mover and shaker" or even a particularly serious Member of Congress. He cuts a comical figure, while often spouting typical divisive Tea Party Republican rhetoric.