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Cruz criticizes Trump’s tolerance for the KKK, but ignores Greg Abbott’s

After Donald Trump failed to disavow the endorsement of white supremacist and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Ted Cruz immediately tweeted out:

"Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s late endorsement of Ted Cruz exposes the weakness of both politicians. Abbott is giving his support reluctantly after more than half of the early vote period in Texas has passed, and a large share of the Texas Republican primary vote has been cast.

Call for vandalism draws attention to Carlos Quintanilla’s long criminal record

In a recent and bizarre Facebook post, long shot Congressional District 33 challenger Carlos Quintanilla called on supporters to literally "trash" campaign yard signs for incumbent Congressman Marc Veasey. Quintanilla wrote in Spanish: "A LA BASURA LOS SIGNS DE MARC VEASEY." Facebook translated the message into English: "To the trash the signs of Marc Veasey."

Statement by Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle on Today’s Texas Ethics Commission refusal to green light out of state money for Paxton’s legal defense

"It’s way past time for Ken Paxton to step aside.


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New hire reinforces Cruz reputation for dirty tricks

When news broke yesterday about new staff hires among statewide Republicans in Texas the focus was primarily on Ken Paxton naming ideologue Jeff Mateer as First Assistant Attorney General. The Mateer hire is newsworthy, and we’ll have much more on him in later reports.

"Nothing exposes Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott and other Texas Republicans’ hostility to African American and Hispanic Texas citizens more than their zeal to enforce discriminatory voter ID and redistric

Fellow Republicans despise Ted Cruz, but they are in a panic over Donald Trump

Earlier today, 2012 GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney launched a verbal assault on Donald Trump, slamming him as "a phony" and "a fraud" who is "playing the American public for suckers."