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20 years in office – Only 30 minutes spent debating

During Greg Abbott’s nearly 20 years in political office drawing a state paycheck, he has spent only 30 minutes participating in public debates during general elections.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

In Texas, we don’t call anyone a coward, unless we mean it and can back it up. Greg Abbott is a coward.

Campaign Frantically Plans to Bus In Outside Supporters

It’s no secret that Greg Abbott has been having real trouble generating support from Hispanic voters, particularly Texans who live near our border.

In fact, he's frightened by even the notion of facing fair-minded Texans who live in our border region. That's why he refused to allow a live audience at his debate with Wendy Davis on September 19th in McAllen. Abbott fears the reaction of a live audience as he tries to defend a record of hostility to Hispanic Texans.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

The term “deadbeat” is used to describe adults who don’t fulfill their obligation to kids. Greg Abbott’s failure to fulfill his responsibility to help provide a good public education to Texas kids makes him the state’s biggest deadbeat.


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Texans Will Soon Hear More About Crucial Race

So far, Texas 2014 General Election voters have heard very little about the race for state attorney general.

That is about to change.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

Sworn testimony in both the voter photo identification

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

Greg Abbott’s request to the Texas Ethics Commission regarding Wendy Davis’s book is designed to hide his own conflicts of interest and fear of exposure. Before Abbott asks any questions about campaign ethics, he needs to find the courage to answer some questions himself.