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Don't say we didn’t warn you. Late yesterday, news broke that the Texas Rangers have compiled evidence that Attorney General Ken Paxton was deeply involved in securities law violations that rise to the level of a first degree felony. That is big trouble, and Ken Paxton knows it. That’s why his office released a statement attacking the prosecutors without a single substantive response to the charges against him.

AG exploits people of faith for advantage in GOP primary

No one should be surprised that Ken Paxton, our state’s highest ranking law enforcement official, has issued an official advisory opinion encouraging local elected officials to violate the law by refusing to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. We certainly aren’t. Ken Paxton’s disrespect for the law has been apparent for some time.

Sen. Huffman authored amendment creating massive disclosure loophole

The Lone Star Project has learned that a complaint was filed Wednesday with the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) alleging that Republican State Senator Joan Huffman (SD17 – Houston) is in violation of section § 572.023 of the Texas Government Code for failure to disclose a financial interest in 30 business entities controlled by her husband, Keith Lawyer. The complaint can be seen here.

Trump is a major Abbott donor

Greg Abbott says he doesn’t know who he’ll ultimately endorse among the dozen or so candidates vying for the 2016 Republican nomination for President. Just a few months ago Abbott said: "It’s fair to say that I haven’t made any decisions yet." Several of the candidates who’ve already announced can lay claim to Abbott’s affection. Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum endorsed Abbott in 2014. Ted Cruz used to work for Abbott and calls him a "mentor." Abbott rode Rick Perry’s coattails to win election as Texas Attorney General three times.


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Huffman’s desperate attempts to avoid disclosure

Joan Huffman really, really didn’t want anyone to know much about the business and financial dealings engaged in by herself and her husband, Keith Lawyer.

Texas House Democrats who fought through the political pandering and won

Texans who followed the recently ended session of the Texas Legislature saw more political pandering and divisive rhetoric than any time in recent memory. Most of the hostility was not between Democrats and Republicans though – it occurred between hostile factions of the Republican Party. The infighting created an environment that made productive work very difficult for any responsible member.

Don’t let today’s headlines fool you, Paxton has always had a problem with ethics

Those just now hearing about criminal charges against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton may not realize that concerns about Paxton's shady business dealings go back – way back. The recent announcement by special prosecutors that they will present evidence to a Collin County Grand Jury that Paxton engaged in first degree felony crimes is just the latest and most serious episode in his long history of shady business transactions and unethical activity.