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On Enterprise Fund, Abbott Non-responsive, Intentionally Deceptive

Greg Abbott arrogantly believes he can pick and choose which laws he enforces and which he does not.  It's clear that Texas Enterprise Funds moved improperly to many of Abbott's friends and allies.  He chose to ignore the law that calls on him to investigate, prosecute and recover the money.

While Abbott lied to justify school finance appeal, he ignored a law requiring him to protect taxpayer funds improperly given out by TEF

The responsibility for the Texas Enterprise Fund scandal that broke open earlier this week initially appeared limited to actions taken by Governor Rick Perry and those who work on his behalf. New information, however, makes it clear that Greg Abbott also had a hand in over $200 million dollars in taxpayer funds being transferred to Abbott/Perry friends and allies who never appropriately applied for the funds nor provided required justification for receiving taxpayer support.

5 Answers Konni Burton Owes the Voters of SD10

On Sunday, candidates to fill Wendy Davis’ Senate District 10 (Fort Worth) open seat will finally go head-to-head on WFAA Channel 8’s Inside Texas Politics.

Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle says Paxton has “indictment hanging over his head”

The Travis County District Attorney has confirmed that any investigation into the criminal felony complaint filed against Republican candidate for attorney general Ken Paxton would take place after the November 4th General Election. It's a clear signal to voters that electing Paxton would subject the Texas AG's office to immediate post-election uncertainty, disruption and dysfunction.


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Divisive Tea Party Republican brings sordid past and irresponsible actions to key Arlington house district

Arlington-based State House District 94 has long been represented by capable and respected Republican representatives in the Texas House. Both the current incumbent, Diane Patrick, and the predecessor she defeated, Kent Grusendorf, built reputations as substantive representatives with a deep understanding of public education. Even those who disagreed with Patrick and Grusendorf could not credibly question their intentions or integrity.

The most significant consequence of the debate last night between Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott is that the Texas Enterprise Fund cover-up is now a full-blown scandal.

LSP has filed formal request for Texas Enterprise Fund documents

Today, the Lone Star Project filed a Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) request to Greg Abbott’s Office of the Attorney General requesting documents related to the expanding Texas Enterprise Fund