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The decision by the 5th Circuit is an expression of the hostility that Greg Abbott holds for African American and Hispanic Texas citizens. Abbott has taken on the role of the most infamous anti-minority figures from a past.

Legal counsel for the lead plaintiffs in the Texas voter ID litigation talks with LSP

Yesterday, Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos ruled that the Texas voter photo ID law was in violation of the Voting Rights Act and the United States Constitution. The judge ruled that Texas GOP leaders adopted the restrictive voting law with the intent to discriminate against Texas minority citizens.

Judge rules against Abbott and finds intentional discrimination by Texas GOP leaders

Earlier today, Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos in the federal court in Corpus Christi, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs challenging the Texas voter photo ID law.

Patrick’s style is to divide, offend and tax – All Texans

Just a few years ago, the notion that a politician as mean-spirited, divisive and out of touch with fair-minded Texans as Dan Patrick could be nominated for statewide office would be quickly dismissed.


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LSP Video Rebuttal

Susan Hawk, the Republican candidate for Dallas County District Attorney, has released an ad promoting her campaign and attempting to express concern for the safety of Dallas County residents.

Greg Abbott is one of the worst AG’s in the country collecting delinquent child support

Greg Abbott often highlights and brags about receiving an award from the National Child Support Enforcement Association for his work on child support collection in Texas.

While the Supreme Court will allow Abbott’s discriminatory voter ID requirement to stay in place for the 2014 elections, I believe the Court will ultimately strike down the law. The right to cast a ballot freely without fear of discrimination or retribution is the essence of our Democracy, but that freedom terrifies Greg Abbott and his political allies.