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Is Paxton scamming supporters, did he lose his nerve, or is it all part of a plan to confuse and suppress Texas voters?

Last week, Texas AG Ken Paxton made a big show in the press by announcing that he would file an appeal with the U.S.

Will Texas Republican Leaders Show up?

Donald Trump’s campaign for President has announced it will

Earlier today the State of Texas

Can Abbott find the courage to join conservatives in condemning Trump?

Tomorrow Greg Abbott will appear at the extreme right’s


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Will George P. Bush as head of the Texas Republican Victory campaign denounce Trump?

Last night Donald Trump delivered a highly anticipated speech pre

Governing Magazine ranking shows how Abbott and new GOP leaders failed to prepare for and respond to oil slump

Last week, Governing Magazine released their rankings of state econo

Judge Ramos rejects Paxton and Abbott's attempt to stall on question of discriminatory intent

Yesterday Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos