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Congressman Marc Veasey and Houston-based attorney Chad Dunn emerge as new young leaders in battle to protect voting rights.

Two news stories today help illustrate how young Texans are stepping up to help lead efforts to fight back against the ongoing strategy of Greg Abbott and other Texas Republicans to retain power by destroying basic voting rights in Texas and across the country.  

Abbott endorses Trump and fails to speak out against his anti-Hispanic insults and attacks

While running for Governor in 2014, Greg Abbott told highly respected McAllen Monitor Editor Carlos Sanchez that as Governor he would take anti-Hispanic comments personally and hold all other Republicans accountable for any anti-Hispanic views and speech.  Abbott said: 

on His Supporters

Yesterday, Ken Paxton released a video message to supporters that takes the same dishonest con job approach that got him indicted in the first place.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick ducks real Texas problems by bringing fake outrage to Fort Worth

Dan Patrick has decided to grandstand a Fort Worth school board meeting last night.  He will show up to bully local school children, their parents and school officials over a nonexistent controversy on transgender issues.


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Later this morning, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will troll the United States Supreme Court in the hope of diverting attention away from the criminal and political scandals that surround him. We wonder, but doubt, whether Paxton will answer any of these very straight-forward questions:

Donald Trump ripped off Texans then paid off Greg Abbott

Breaking overnight reports by the

Formal investigation of violations by Paxton, Miller, Bush and others should go forward as requested by the Lone Star Project

Just 24 hours after the Lone Star Project sent letters to the