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Paxton actions similar to indicted New York Speaker Sheldon Silver

Sheldon Silver, the powerful New York Democratic House Speaker, was arrested last Thursday on federal criminal corruption charges. The actions that led to Silver’s indictment and arrest are very similar to the corrupt activity that has kept Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton under fire since early last year.

"Dan Patrick's very first move is to shut out the voices of millions of Texans. Patrick’s elimination of the 2/3 Rule is far more than a partisan attack on Democrats; it damages and weakens every member of the Texas Senate from both parties. Patrick is stripping power from his members and giving it to himself. It’s a Tom DeLay-style power grab."

Three simple actions to make Texas stronger and help unite all Texans

Greg Abbott faces an early test of both leadership and character. While Governor Abbott has softened his rhetoric lately, it’s fair for Texans to doubt that he’s sincerely moving past the harsh tone and divisive approach he's brought to public office.

"Rick Perry spent 14 years as Texas Governor and never invested a day or a dollar in the future of Texas. He used the great resources of our state and the hard work of Texans to benefit himself and his political supporters. Even today, he is using our State Capitol and the goodwill of Texans as tools to advance his political ambitions...


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Abbott and others forced to surrender six figure donations

Yesterday, Christy Hoppe of the Dallas Morning News reported that Texas GOP mega-donor, Marcus Hiles, pled guilty to "a domestic violence charge that included an accusation he choked a woman into unconsciousness." Hoppe describes a situation at a Las Vegas hotel where Hiles became violent with the woman following a fight in a local club and taxi ride back to the hotel:

Abbott piped up on Perry prosecution, but goes silent on Perry pardon

Twenty-four hours have passed since the Lone Star Project asked Governor Abbott whether or not he would initiate the pardon process if Rick Perry is ultimately convicted of the criminal charges currently pending against him.

Under State law, Abbott can initiate pardon procedures

If Greg Abbott believes the prosecution of Rick Perry is unfair and unwarranted, would he initiate pardon procedures by calling on the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to review a potential Perry conviction?