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Joint appearance signals Abbott approval

Greg Abbott appeared today in Frisco, Texas at a campaign event with Ken Paxton, the Republican nominee for Attorney General who has admitted to felony violations of state security laws. The joint appearance can be fairly seen as him acknowledging and condoning Ken Paxton’s breaking our Texas security laws.

Why did Dallas Republican DA candidate help free a dangerous criminal . . . and then alter court records?
Susan Hawk has a secret, and she’s not letting Dallas County voters in on it.
Ken Paxton rejected for his unethical and criminal acts

In the race for the next attorney general, every major Texas newspaper has endorsed Sam Houston over his opponent, Ken Paxton.

LSP Video Rebuttal

Susan Hawk, the Republican candidate for Dallas County District Attorney, has released an ad promoting her campaign and attempting to express concern for the safety of Dallas County residents.


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Endorsers must condemn and withdraw support

Sometimes a candidate’s behavior and character are revealed as so offensive and destructive that those who have endorsed them in good faith must withdraw their support.  Failing to do so becomes a

Is Ken Paxton holding campaign funds to cover cost of his legal defense?

Ken Paxton has spent most of the 2014 General Election hiding – from the press, from the public and even from most Republican events. He has also done very little campaigning in the form of media advertising or mailings. Nevertheless, Paxton has raised over $2.4 million during the election cycle. He received a $1 million loan guaranteed from an insider friend, Tim Dunn, and Dunn’s PAC, Empower Texas. That leaves Paxton with roughly $1.4 million for use in this campaign. Rather than spending the money talking with voters and advancing his campaign, Paxton has held on to the money.

Over the past year, the Lone Star Project has researched and documented one case after another of Greg Abbott and other GOP officials using their public office to take care of friends, donors and political allies – all at the expense of Texas families.