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Three quick actions Greg Abbott can take now to start shedding his corrupt, hyper-partisan brand.

Election margin aside, Greg Abbott enters office wearing the brand of a harsh and divisive partisan who has ignored ethical boundaries to help his friends and donors. Neither Rick Perry, nor George W. Bush before him, entered office with a more partisan profile or more examples of using public office to help their political benefactors.

Abbott dishonest on racist comments

Greg Abbott appeared at an event today in Houston and when asked a direct question, he chose to lie. Abbott said he did not know GOP Dallas County Judge candidate Ron Natinsky and had not heard Natinsky's racist comments, even though the two Republicans had appeared on stage together just a few hours earlier. Check out the video below.

Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle says this election has exposed GOP leaders’ cronyism and insensitivity to the lives of ordinary Texans

In a round of weekend television appearances, Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle said Republican leaders will be held accountable for turning their backs on ordinary Texans to reward their friends and donors. Angle stated that voters have a clear choice in Tuesday’s election between Democratic and Republican candidates.

Endorsers must condemn and withdraw support

Sometimes a candidate’s behavior and character are revealed as so offensive and destructive that those who have endorsed them in good faith must withdraw their support.  Failing to do so becomes a reflection on the endorser’s own character and tolerance for overtly offensive actions and attitudes


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Abbott’s failure to answer simple questions shows passive aggressive nature

Going back at least to former Governor Mark White and moving forward through Bill Clements, Ann Richards, George W. Bush and Rick Perry, Texans are used to red-blooded assertive "Alpha Governors" who have the confidence and natural leadership qualities to speak up and respond on key issues relevant to Texans.

Huffman’s desperate attempts to avoid disclosure

Joan Huffman really, really didn’t want anyone to know much about the business and financial dealings engaged in by herself and her husband, Keith Lawyer.

Texas House Democrats who fought through the political pandering and won

Texans who followed the recently ended session of the Texas Legislature saw more political pandering and divisive rhetoric than any time in recent memory. Most of the hostility was not between Democrats and Republicans though – it occurred between hostile factions of the Republican Party. The infighting created an environment that made productive work very difficult for any responsible member.