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Texas Republicans calling for a Perry Pardon of DeLay are wrong on all counts

The Austin American-Statesman reported yesterday that "the State Republican Executive Committee will consider a resolution this wee

Constituent email exposes Will Hartnett’s support for raising taxes

An email written by Republican State Representative Will Hartnett (Dist.114 – Dallas) exposes his support for raising fees on Texas drivers. Will Hartnett has framed his entire re-election campaign on a pledge to oppose all tax increases. However, in an email letter obtained by the Lone Star Project, Hartnett flatly reneges on his “No New Taxes Pledge.” Writing to a constituent, Hartnett says, “I agree with you that raising the gas tax should be seriously considered by the Legislature - it is essentially a user fee. At the very least, the gas tax should be linked to inflation.”

Documents confirm King Street partisanship but fail to disclose funding sources

The Lone Star Project has examined documents surrendered by the Houston-based King Street Patriots in response to a legal challenge by the Texas Democratic Party. After reviewing the material, it is clear that the King Street extremists are continuing to hide the source of their income and that they have direct ties to the Republican activists behind the 2004 Swift Boat attacks and the Republican Party itself.

East Texas Republican accused of selling and using drugs

Videos released in the last days of hotly contested campaigns – especially those accusing one candidate or the other of illegal or immoral actions – are typically rebutted as overtly misleading or outright false.


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Mark Shelton reacts to criticism of his vote to shield rapists with a demonstrably false attack on Wendy Davis

Rather than counter Davis with any substantive issue, Shelton instead has launched another personal attack attempting to tarnish the integrity of the well-liked and respected Davis. In an ad just released, Shelton falsely accuses Davis of a conflict of interest on key votes and somehow hiding her activities as an attorney. The same charge has already by fact-checked by WFAA Channel 8 and found to be untrue. The charges in Shelton’s most recent ad can be factually rebutted line-by-line.

Shelton counting on amateurish and misleading claims

The Tarrant County-based Senate District 10 campaign is the most important and closely watched State legislative race in Texas. Incumbent Democratic Senator Wendy Davis has established a much larger local donor base and raised significantly more money than her opponent, GOP House back bencher Mark Shelton (HD97 – Fort Worth). Shelton is, at best, a default candidate for Republicans, but he has been able to count upon Austin-based lobby organizations and partisan State Republican leaders for support.

Campaign allows ad scripts to be leaked to Shelton opponent Wendy Davis

As the press release from Senate District 10 incumbent Senator Wendy Davis below explains, the Davis campaign just moments ago released and rebutted three attack ads to be produced and aired by her Republican opponent Mark Shelton BEFORE THE ADS GO ON THE AIR.