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Litigation expert shows Abbott has authority to settle the school finance lawsuit

Greg Abbott's ongoing contention that he is somehow obligated to continue the extensive and expensive school finance fight – by defending an unconstitutional school funding process and a $5 billion cut in Texas public school money - is simply false.

Statement by Matt Angle, Lone Star Project Director

“While the Lone Star Project hasn’t often endorsed challenger candidates in contested Democratic primaries, we have done so when a particular candidate is extremely qualified or when an incumbent is badly flawed. In the contested Democratic primary race in Texas House District 76 in El Paso both circumstances apply, and the Lone Star Project is proud to give our support to Cesar Blanco for Texas State Representative and urge other Democrats to support him as well.

Attorney General struggling with basic arithmetic

The Lone Star Project on Thursday sent the Greg Abbott Campaign the "Abbott Abacus," an online calculator capable of simple addition. In recent days, it has become clear Attorney General Greg Abbott and his supporters are having trouble calculating the total amount State Senator Wendy Davis has raised for her gubernatorial run.

When will Greg Abbott disavow supporter’s divisive remarks?

For the second time in less than a week, avid Greg Abbott supporter and Denton County Republican Party Chair Dianne Edmondson launched personal attacks against Senator Wendy Davis, calling her “Abortion Barbie” and using racial divisiveness to whip up Republican activists for Greg Abbott.


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It's not even close – the Queen

As Texans prepare to celebrate Labor Day – honoring those who've fought for the American ideal of a fair day's pay for a fair day's work – there's new evidence that Greg Abbott's work for the people of Texas isn't his top priority.

Greg Abbott spends less time on official business here in Texas than the Queen of England does conducting her royal duties from Buckingham Palace.

So far we know that Rick Perry’s legal bill has topped $80,000 – and that’s just the beginning. The high dollar attorneys he has hired charge a minimum of $450/hour and the clock will be ticking for months.

Greg Abbott Must Answer the Question

Now that Rick Perry has been indicted on two felony counts for threatening and attempting to bribe an elected official, Texans deserve to know why they are being forced to cover the costs for Perry’s criminal defense - which could ultimately total hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.