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Endorsers must condemn and withdraw support

Sometimes a candidate’s behavior and character are revealed as so offensive and destructive that those who have endorsed them in good faith must withdraw their support.  Failing to do so becomes a reflection on the endorser’s own character and tolerance for overtly offensive actions and attitudes

Is Ken Paxton holding campaign funds to cover cost of his legal defense?

Ken Paxton has spent most of the 2014 General Election hiding – from the press, from the public and even from most Republican events. He has also done very little campaigning in the form of media advertising or mailings. Nevertheless, Paxton has raised over $2.4 million during the election cycle. He received a $1 million loan guaranteed from an insider friend, Tim Dunn, and Dunn’s PAC, Empower Texas. That leaves Paxton with roughly $1.4 million for use in this campaign. Rather than spending the money talking with voters and advancing his campaign, Paxton has held on to the money.

Over the past year, the Lone Star Project has researched and documented one case after another of Greg Abbott and other GOP officials using their public office to take care of friends, donors and political allies – all at the expense of Texas families.

Abbott, Hawk and other TX GOP officials condone racist comments

It's been nearly 48 hours since the Dallas Morning News exposed racist comments made by Dallas County Judge GOP nominee Ron Natinsky. Natinsky said that African American voters in a Dallas congressional district would be better served if they "spend their food stamp money" instead of voting. From Republican gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott to Dallas County district attorney GOP nominee Susan Hawk, not a single Republican official has denounced Natinsky’s comments.


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Don’t let today’s headlines fool you, Paxton has always had a problem with ethics

Those just now hearing about criminal charges against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton may not realize that concerns about Paxton's shady business dealings go back – way back. The recent announcement by special prosecutors that they will present evidence to a Collin County Grand Jury that Paxton engaged in first degree felony crimes is just the latest and most serious episode in his long history of shady business transactions and unethical activity.

Paxton-authorized statement contains virtually only falsehoods

It is not out of the ordinary for a public official to ask a staff spokesperson to give a statement on their behalf. However, the statement that Ken Paxton authorized and was delivered by spokesperson Anthony Holm last week was quite extraordinary. It didn’t just shade the truth, it obliterated it. Shamefully, Ken Paxton sent Holm to grossly misrepresent the legal actions already taken in his case and to launch a personal attack against the special prosecutors acting on the public’s behalf.

Don't say we didn’t warn you. Late yesterday, news broke that the Texas Rangers have compiled evidence that Attorney General Ken Paxton was deeply involved in securities law violations that rise to the level of a first degree felony. That is big trouble, and Ken Paxton knows it. That’s why his office released a statement attacking the prosecutors without a single substantive response to the charges against him.