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Patrick’s style is to divide, offend and tax – All Texans

Just a few years ago, the notion that a politician as mean-spirited, divisive and out of touch with fair-minded Texans as Dan Patrick could be nominated for statewide office would be quickly dismissed.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

"If qualifications, character, ability or integrity matter at all in the election for Texas attorney general, Sam Houston will be the overwhelming choice. Ken Paxton has demonstrated a fundamental lack of honesty and profound disrespect for Texas voters.

Divisive Tea Party Republican brings sordid past and irresponsible actions to key Arlington house district

Arlington-based State House District 94 has long been represented by capable and respected Republican representatives in the Texas House. Both the current incumbent, Diane Patrick, and the predecessor she defeated, Kent Grusendorf, built reputations as substantive representatives with a deep understanding of public education. Even those who disagreed with Patrick and Grusendorf could not credibly question their intentions or integrity.

The most significant consequence of the debate last night between Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott is that the Texas Enterprise Fund cover-up is now a full-blown scandal.


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...A Republican legislator and a lobbyist with a Mercedes.

By acknowledging his mistake and apologizing to military servicemen and women, Abbott can put the Jade Helm 15 controversy behind us

The reactions to Governor Abbott’s Jade Helm 15 letter - which played into the irrational fears of his political base while questioning the loyalty and integrity of U.S. military personnel assigned to participate in the training mission - are not mixed. They are almost uniformly opposed.

"I knew Jim Wright was my congressman before I entered the first grade – and that was not unusual for those of us who grew up in the Fort Worth area during the 60’s and 70’s. Jim Wright was not just a powerful and influential committee chair, then House Majority Leader, and then House Speaker, he was OUR congressman. He never lost touch and never stopped working for his district and the State of Texas.