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Texans will judge Greg Abbott by the company he keeps

The Lone Star Project Video below contrasts Greg Abbott’s claims that he’ll protect Texas women and girls – with the words of his pal Ted Nugent – who brags about his abuse of minors.

When Greg Abbott insults our state’s border region and Latino communities across Texas by comparing them to a “third world country,” he is simply revealing what he truly believes. Abbott’s hostility to our state’s growing Latino population and its increasing political power isn’t new - it’s been expressed in his public record for years.

Desperately dialing for dollars

After learning Wendy Davis pulled in $12 million in just six months, Greg Abbott hit the panic button.

Greg Abbott Audio Confirms He's Part of the Wendy Davis Smear Campaign

Audio obtained by the Lone Star Project proves that Greg Abbott is on-board with the hateful smear campaign against Wendy Davis.


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Abbott Needs to Say Whether a Confessed Felon Can Serve as AG

Before anyone takes Greg Abbott’s politically motivated ethics complaint about Wendy Davis’ book promotion seriously, Abbott must explain to Texas voters why he condones admitted criminal acts by the person he wants to succeed him as state attorney general – Ken Paxton.

Texans Will Soon Hear More About Crucial Race

So far, Texas 2014 General Election voters have heard very little about the race for state attorney general.

That is about to change.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

Sworn testimony in both the voter photo identification