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New Battle Front Opens in Washington, DC

The Texas redistricting battle opened a second front last week when the State of Texas bypassed the US Department of Justice and filed with the Federal District Court in Washington, DC to request preclearance of the Republican redistricting plans.

Marc Veasey
New legal challenge ramps up Texas congressional redistricting fight

Just moments ago, State Representative Marc Veasey (HD95 – Fort Worth) made good on his pledge to ask the federal courts to block the Republican congressional redistricting plan.

Republican attack on minority voters sets stage for legal battle

Yesterday, as one of its final actions in the current Special Session, the Texas Senate agreed to changes made by the State House to the Republican congressional redistricting plan, thus clearing the way for Governor P

Which plans are relevant? What happens next?

Yesterday, the Texas House passed a congressional redistricting plan that is a gross political gerrymander very similar to the Plan C141that was approved by the Republican dominated State Senate earlier this month.


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Swearing in from the Capitol Visitor Center, restaurants or other venues - even if you're watching on TV - doesn't count

Dear Congressman Sessions,
Just a quick note to remind you that the members of the 113th Congress will be sworn in today on the floor of the US House of Representatives in the US Capitol at 12:00 PM ET. Remember,12:00 PM sharp, on the House floor. Swearing in from the Capitol Visitor Center, restaurants or other venues - even if you're watching on TV - doesn't count.

Hostility to minority voters means district lines will remain unsettled for 2014

Ongoing hostility by Texas Republican leaders against Hispanic and African American voters and against the US Voting Rights Act has left the final resolution of boundaries for Texas House, Senate and congressional districts in disarray. Last fall, Rick Perry, Greg Abbott and other Texas Republican leaders filed an appeal with US Supreme Court asking that a previous Federal District Court ruling that the boundaries adopted by the Republican Legislature last year intentionally discriminate against minority Texans be overturned.

Any boundary change could require ALL State Senators to run in 2014

Late yesterday, in a brief filed before the US District Court in San Antonio, State Senator Wendy Davis, LULAC and allied voters asked that the current Senate map, which was used in the 2012 elections, be ordered as the final remedial plan to be used for the remainder of the decade.