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"Lite" Governor poised to take advantage of ailing Senator and move discriminatory voter suppression legislation

Throughout his tenure, David Dewhurst has been cynically amiable and typically ineffective. As a result, Texas suffers.

Why is Pete Sessions getting a pass?

Republican National Committee Chair, Michael Steele, is struggling to hold his job after it was learned that the RNC paid almost $2000 to a Los Angeles adult-themed club.

Greg Abbott can't be trusted to investigate corruption in Dallas

Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins is wise to ignore calls by partisan Republicans for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to insert himself into an ongoing corruption investigation in Dallas County. Greg Abbott is the last person Dallas County residents can expect to conduct a fair or competent corruption investigation. Investigations during Abbott's tenure as State AG have been marred by foot-dragging, partisanship and failure.

Partisanship and Hypocrisy Define Texas Republican Official

In recent days, Texas Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott has grabbed attention by leading the national Republican political legal attack against the new healthcare legislation. Texas observers are not surprised.


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Senator Wendy Davis’ tough, smart, legal fight protects Fort Worth minority neighborhoods

Just a short time ago, the state Attorney General’s office agreed to drop its efforts to dismantle Senate District 10.

Key Plaintiff groups file advisory informing Court of opposition to AG Proposal

The congressional redistricting proposal announced earlier today cont

The High Court sets stage for new Texas district maps

Earlier today, the US Supreme Court overturned the interim Texas redistricting plans ordered by a San Antonio District Court in November.