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Whistleblower case exposes Abbott’s knowledge of smear

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Abbott is in court helping a millionaire donor and hurting Texans maimed by a drug-addled doctor

Today, the Dallas Morning News detailed how Greg Abbott intervened in an ongoing lawsuit to argue against patients who were horribly maimed or killed by incompetent, drug-abusing doctor, Christopher Duntsch.

Paxton voted “Yea” on securities law but “Nay” on obeying it

There’s a reason Ken Paxton’s aide “physically blocked” a reporter from approaching him to ask a question regarding his violation of Texas securities laws. Not only is there overwhelming evidence that he committed a third degree felony under Texas law, a review of Paxton’s legislative record shows that he voted for the very same criminal statute under which he will now likely be prosecuted.

Texans for Public Justice detail Paxton crimes to Travis County DA


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"The decision by fellow Republican, Judge Bert Richardson, to reject Rick Perry’s motion to dismiss his criminal indictment is a political and legal body blow. Surely by now Rick Perry knows, getting indicted is never a good way to differentiate yourself from other presidential candidates."

Paxton actions similar to indicted New York Speaker Sheldon Silver

Sheldon Silver, the powerful New York Democratic House Speaker, was arrested last Thursday on federal criminal corruption charges. The actions that led to Silver’s indictment and arrest are very similar to the corrupt activity that has kept Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton under fire since early last year.

"Dan Patrick's very first move is to shut out the voices of millions of Texans. Patrick’s elimination of the 2/3 Rule is far more than a partisan attack on Democrats; it damages and weakens every member of the Texas Senate from both parties. Patrick is stripping power from his members and giving it to himself. It’s a Tom DeLay-style power grab."