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Grandmother, State Senator, Pharmacist, Texan

We bet you don’t know all of these things about the Senator from San Antonio.

AG’s actions designed to harass and intimidate

Today, the Dallas Morning News reminded Texans that the most dishonest aspect of voting in Texas is Greg Abbott's effort to prosecute virtually non-existent instances of voter fraud. Of the 66 cases pursued by the Attorney General's office since 2004, only four might have been prevented by voter ID laws.

AG’s redistricting failures have put 2014 election schedule in jeopardy

Late Wednesday afternoon, plaintiffs in the pending Texas redistricting cases filed a brief to block use of the Congressional map that was passed – at the insistence of Greg Abbott – by the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature earlier this year. When considering the plan, Abbott and other Republican leaders refused to make any changes to restore the voting strength of Texas Latino and African American voters, thus preventing the settlement of the pending redistricting law suits.

Court’s ruling makes clear that Abbott has lost Senate redistricting case

Earlier today, the three-judge Federal District Court in San Antonio handling the Texas redistricting litigation entered a final judgment in the Texas State Senate redistricting law suit. In its ruling, the Court made clear that Wendy Davis and her fellow plaintiffs in the case won and Greg Abbott, representing the Republican state leadership, lost.


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Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

“In a radio interview with Sean Hannity this weekend, Greg Abbott was asked to comment on the ugly and racist remarks about African Americans made by Cliven Bundy. Abbott chose to say nothing.

AG must explain Perry’s use of taxpayer dollars for his defense

Greg Abbott is now entangled in the fast spreading scandal over Rick Perry’s criminal efforts to threaten, coerce and bribe the Travis County DA—who also serves as head of our state’s Public Integrity Unit—into resigning her office. State Representative Joe Deshotel (HD22 Beaumont)—who is known by colleagues in both parties as a fair-minded and even-tempered public servant—has sent a formal request to Greg Abbott, asking for his legal opinion on the propriety of Perry’s use of taxpayer money to pay his high-priced criminal defense lawyer.

Threats to Travis County DA could be Perry's (and Abbott’s) undoing

News that Rick Perry has retained a high profile criminal defense attorney is a clear signal that he knows he’s in serious trouble.