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Republican attack on minority voters sets stage for legal battle

Yesterday, as one of its final actions in the current Special Session, the Texas Senate agreed to changes made by the State House to the Republican congressional redistricting plan, thus clearing the way for Governor P

Which plans are relevant? What happens next?

Yesterday, the Texas House passed a congressional redistricting plan that is a gross political gerrymander very similar to the Plan C141that was approved by the Republican dominated State Senate earlier this month.

Republican Power Grab Comes at Expense of Hispanics and African Americans

 Plan 125
See the GOP Plan - PDF

Tom DeLay
GOP plan will continue DeLay legacy of advancing Republican control by undermining minority voting rights

The Texas Senate Redistricting Committee announced today that it will hold a hearing to consider congressional redistricting this Thursday, May 19, 2011.


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Any boundary change could require ALL State Senators to run in 2014

Late yesterday, in a brief filed before the US District Court in San Antonio, State Senator Wendy Davis, LULAC and allied voters asked that the current Senate map, which was used in the 2012 elections, be ordered as the final remedial plan to be used for the remainder of the decade.

...The doctor who doesn’t care

Mark Shelton has become the North Texas version of Tea Party Republicans Todd Akin in Missouri and Richard Mourdock in Indiana. Shelton is one of only 8 legislators who voted against legislation that helps local police departments test DNA evidence gathered during rape investigations. Shelton’s vote essentially shielded dangerous rapists from identification, prosecution and punishment. Shelton’s vote and his overall indifference to victims of rape has been highlighted during the campaign and is one of the reasons every police association in SD10has rejected Shelton and endorsed Wendy Davis.

Shelton should acknowledge his dishonest attack and apologize to Sen. Davis

In a letter written to Mark Shelton and delivered today to State Senator Wendy Davis, the Texas Ethics Commission stated that it will not open an investigation into a complaint filed by Shelton. In its letter, the TEC said: