Lone Star Reports

Now both WFAA Channel 8 and Star-Telegram have judged Shelton attacks as unfair and untrue.

In an effusive editorial endorsement, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram called Wendy Davis "a tough fighter, a conscientious public servant and an able leader." Davis brings energy, passion and drive to public service and is willing to take political risks, including standing up to powerful statewide Republican leaders and strong Austin-based lobbyists. Her approach has won over the conservative but civic-minded Star-Telegram editorial board. Keep in mind that the Star-Telegram backed Republican Kim Brimer in 2008.

We extend or deepest sympathy to the Gallegos family and trust that they will be comforted by knowing Senator Gallegos was truly a man of courage, character and integrity.

Words like courage, character and integrity are used frequently in politics, but more as a way to persuade and impress rather than to describe and inform. In my personal view, and I know in the view of many, many others who knew him better than me, these words apply literally to the late Senator Mario Gallegos, who passed away yesterday.

Davis/Shelton Debate Aired

Sunday morning, WFAA Channel 8 aired an Inside Politics debate between District 10 incumbent Senator Wendy Davis and her opponent Mark Shelton. Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy joins moderator, Channel 8 political reporter Brad Watson, in questioning the candidates. The program is just under 20 minutes, so I strongly urge you to watch the entire debate.

Mark Shelton reacts to criticism of his vote to shield rapists with a demonstrably false attack on Wendy Davis

Rather than counter Davis with any substantive issue, Shelton instead has launched another personal attack attempting to tarnish the integrity of the well-liked and respected Davis. In an ad just released, Shelton falsely accuses Davis of a conflict of interest on key votes and somehow hiding her activities as an attorney. The same charge has already by fact-checked by WFAA Channel 8 and found to be untrue. The charges in Shelton’s most recent ad can be factually rebutted line-by-line.


Recent Reports

Dave Carney, current Abbott consultant and former Perry, Gingrich and Dewhurst advisor, defends dishonest telemarketing calls

Yesterday, the Lone Star Project exposed an apparent telemarketing scam by a group called the Foundation for Justice for All. The group is placing a series of robo-calls urging Davis supporters to contribute to them and implying that the contribution will somehow help Wendy Davis. The calls were placed without the knowledge or authorization of anyone within the Davis campaign.

Respected Texas attorney was a top vote getter in 2008

As expected, Senator Wendy Davis’ announcement that she is running for Texas Governor is encouraging other strong, qualified Democrats to run statewide. The Lone Star Project has learned that highly respected Houston attorney, Sam Houston, will likely soon announce his candidacy for Texas Attorney General.

Abbott ruled against a Texas woman raped in her own home

Yesterday, in El Paso, Greg Abbott made a broad statement: "I'm proud to say there is nobody in the state of Texas who has done more to fight to help women than I have in the past decade." Abbott’s words are not just hyperbole, they are fundamentally dishonest. Greg Abbott’s record of indifference to the point of hostility toward Texas women and their families is extensive. The Lone Star Project has already documented much of it. Abbott’s statement yesterday, though, is an extraordinarily cynical and disturbing fabrication that can be directly and specifically rebutted by a dissenting opinion he wrote as a State Supreme Court Justice in 1998.