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Some may be surprised that Tom DeLay will be doing the two-step this season on Dancing with the Stars. Not us. DeLay has demonstrated quite a bit of fancy footwork over the years avoiding jail time.

Whether Hillary or Hutchison

In 2008, when Rush Limbaugh suggested that Republicans cross over and vote in the Democratic Primary for Hillary Clinton, it was a pretty good media gimmick and directed attention where Limbaugh likes it most, to himself. (Austin American-Statesman ,

This is part two of the Lone Star Project’s report on how Republican State Representative Dwayne Bohac has improperly interwoven his actions as a State Representative with his political work as a professional campaign consultant.

The Lone Star Project’s exposure of the ongoing scandal in the Harris County Elections Office clearly spooked Republican State Representative Dwayne Bohac (HD138 – Houston). When the story broke, Bohac suspiciously pulled down his campaign consulting firm website and, since then, has refused to answer any questions regarding his ties to the Elections Office or his firm’s work for local Republicans officeholders like State Representative Ken Legler (HD144) and Congressman Michael McCaul (CD10).


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DOJ will join the argument for a new Texas map

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a federal court brief earlier today objecting to the racially gerrymandered Republican drawn Texas congressional map.

New Battle Front Opens in Washington, DC

The Texas redistricting battle opened a second front last week when the State of Texas bypassed the US Department of Justice and filed with the Federal District Court in Washington, DC to request p

Marc Veasey
New legal challenge ramps up Texas congressional redistricting fight

Just moments ago, State Representative Marc Veasey (HD95 – Fort Worth) made good on