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Senate staffer admits conspiring to write Redistricting Committee report BEFORE a committee hearing

Yesterday, under cross examination in federal court, Doug Davis, the map drawer for the Republican Senate leadership, was forced to admit under oath that he worked secretly to get the Senate Committee report on redistricting written and the bill prepared BEFORE a single committee hearing had been

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Three questions for Matt Angle about today’s SCOTUS filings

Texas GOP wants Supreme Court to kill the Voting Rights Act

In a live radio interview last week, top Texas GOP operative and Rick Perry insider,Ted Delisi, removed any doubt that Perry, Greg Abbott and the Texas Republican leadership see the Texas redistricting litigation before the US Supreme Court as a chance to end the US Voting Rights Act.


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Perry’s compensation may be $60K more than next highest governor

Rick Perry spends a lot of time bashing government employees and has called for Members of Congress to take pay cuts. But, when it comes to his own place at the government feeding trough, Rick Perry is not budging an inch. In fact, Perry probably takes more in money from his state each year than any other governor in America.

Policy Effort reflects partisanship overwhelming common sense and public good

Earlier today, partisan Republican State Representative Phil King (HD61–Weatherford) launched a cynical effort to undermine Texas public integrity oversight. King spoke in favor of an amendment to shift responsibility for enforcing public integrity in the State Capitol from the Travis County DA to the State Attorney General.

GOP Senator Tommy Williams admits Texas school cuts much larger than he claimed

When State Senator Wendy Davis heard the Republican Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Tommy Williams, claim that GOP education cuts in 2011 totaled only $800 million, she didn’t wait for PolitiFact. She pushed back immediately calling his figure “absurd” and then quickly produced data from the Legislative Budget Board correctly citing the cut as $5.3 billion.