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"Rick Perry spent 14 years as Texas Governor and never invested a day or a dollar in the future of Texas. He used the great resources of our state and the hard work of Texans to benefit himself and his political supporters. Even today, he is using our State Capitol and the goodwill of Texans as tools to advance his political ambitions...

What would Perry say if he'd been given and accepted honest and responsible advice?

If Rick Perry’s communications team and policy advisors actually provided him with honest and responsible guidance in anticipation of his farewell address, their memo to him should be something along these lines:

Statement by Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

"The inauguration of Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and the opening of the 84th Legislature is hard confirmation of the destructive, Washington-style political culture Rick Perry and one-party Republican control has brought to Texas.

Yesterday we featured incoming Republican State Senators whose election causes real concern for the well-being of Texas families. However, they aren't the only new additions to the Texas Capitol who will likely make things worse instead of better. We should be equally concerned about many of the new State House members. Like their Senate counterparts, the incoming class of House Republicans includes divisive ideologues with controversial pasts and policy ideas way out of line with mainstream Texans.


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Vol. 2 – The Veterans Edition

Last month, the Lone Star Project highlighted the work of three Democratic State House members who fought through the hostile environment of the Republican controlled Texas Legislature to adopt meaningful new laws that help Texas families, veterans and our economy overall.

...But it's not who you’re thinking

To fully realize the negligence and timidity of Greg Abbott and other Texas Republicans failing to muster the courage to call on indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton to step down, just take a look

Greg Abbott & Texas GOP work to dismantle VRA

There will be celebration and remembrance today on the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Voting Rights Act. Texans can be enormously proud of the role our past leaders played in adopting and extending the VRA. LBJ proposed and pushed the historic law through Congress in 1965. George W. Bush signed the extension of the VRA in 2006.