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Positive Davis ad tells a personal story and demonstrates belief in Texas children

Most political observers in Texas agree that Senate District 10 is the most important legislative race in Texas in 2012. Incumbent Wendy Davis has built a strong, broad coalition of Democrats, independents and fair-minded Republicans to fight off what is expected to be a series of harsh partisan and ideological attacks by her opponent Mark Shelton and partisan State leaders like Rick Perry and Greg Abbott.

Republican leaders violated US Voting Rights Act in Congressional, State Senate and State House maps

After months of deliberation, a three-judge Federal District Court panel in Washington, DC has ruled that the redistricting maps adopted by the Texas Legislature last year violate the US Voting Rights Act.

Todd Akin's words reflect Texas GOP candidates' votes and views

The real problem for Republicans caused by Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin’s outrageous comments regarding "legitimate rape" is that Akin had the audacity to state aloud and explicitly the policy positions and overall attitude of many Republican candidates who otherwise present themselves as sensible. That’s why national Republican operatives like Karl Rove and John Cornyn tried so hard to convince Akin to drop out of the Missouri Senate race.

Strong candidate, district configuration and disciplined strategy key to victory

State Representative Marc Veasey won the Democratic Party nomination in new Texas Congressional District 33 yesterday. The district is overwhelmingly Democratic so, while Veasey must run a fall campaign, it is almost certain he will be sworn into Congress next January.


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Ted Cruz’s demand for a government shutdown, and Greg Abbott’s hide and watch strategy

Ted Cruz has put Greg Abbott in a box. Cruz’s fake filibuster has created a litmus test to determine which Republican office holders really oppose Obamacare – those who are willing to risk political capital to kill the healthcare bill, or those who are just using anti-Obamacare rhetoric to promote themselves within a party that is openly disdainful of anything associated with President Obama.

Grandmother, State Senator, Pharmacist, Texan

We bet you don’t know all of these things about the Senator from San Antonio.

AG’s actions designed to harass and intimidate

Today, the Dallas Morning News reminded Texans that the most dishonest aspect of voting in Texas is Greg Abbott's effort to prosecute virtually non-existent instances of voter fraud. Of the 66 cases pursued by the Attorney General's office since 2004, only four might have been prevented by voter ID laws.