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2010 Census - Texas

The new 2010 Census data confirms what the Lone Star Project and many others predicted – the dramatic population growth in Texas over the last ten years is driven almost entirely by minorities. Nearly 9 out to 10 of the new residents in Texas are non-Anglo.

Texans shiver through rolling blackouts while Perry politics in sunny California

Texas is currently experiencing a record cold-wave and ice storm which has killed at least 6 people and brought rolling power blackouts.

Tom DeLay
While DeLay heads to jail, his legacy of arrogant and ruthless partisanship thrives

Tom DeLay was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in an illegal scheme to launder almost $200,000 in corporate campaign donations. A Texas Judge sentenced DeLay to three years in prison on charges of conspiracy to launder money.

New Texas districts should be used to repair lost minority voting strength and to reflect the dramatic growth in Hispanic and African-American populations


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Clumsy attacks on Wendy Davis play to her strengths

Early voting began in Texas today, and Senate District 10 Republican challenger Mark Shelton has spent the last several weeks attacking incumbent Senator Wendy Davis, accusing her of a conflict of interest between her work as a private attorney and her service in the State Senate. However, the Shelton attacks have been judged untrue by respected media outlets. As a result, rather than hurt Davis, the Shelton attacks have reinforced Davis’ image as an earnest and effective fighter for middle-class families with any voter, except perhaps those already determined to vote against her.

Now both WFAA Channel 8 and Star-Telegram have judged Shelton attacks as unfair and untrue.

In an effusive editorial endorsement, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram called Wendy Davis "a tough fighter, a conscientious public servant and an able leader." Davis brings energy, passion and drive to public service and is willing to take political risks, including standing up to powerful statewide Republican leaders and strong Austin-based lobbyists. Her approach has won over the conservative but civic-minded Star-Telegram editorial board. Keep in mind that the Star-Telegram backed Republican Kim Brimer in 2008.

We extend or deepest sympathy to the Gallegos family and trust that they will be comforted by knowing Senator Gallegos was truly a man of courage, character and integrity.

Words like courage, character and integrity are used frequently in politics, but more as a way to persuade and impress rather than to describe and inform. In my personal view, and I know in the view of many, many others who knew him better than me, these words apply literally to the late Senator Mario Gallegos, who passed away yesterday.