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Watchdog group seeks records related to Paxton’s admitted violation of state securities law

Today the Texas Coalition for Lawyer Accountability (TCLA) filed suit against the Texas State Securities Board to obtain documents linked to Republican attorney general candidate Ken Paxton’s admitted felony violation of state securities law.

Predatory lenders give more to Burton than all other state Senate candidates

No candidate for the Texas State Senate has taken more money – in less time – from predatory payday lenders than Senate District 10 Tea Party Republican candidate Konni Burton.

Abbott Needs to Say Whether a Confessed Felon Can Serve as AG

Before anyone takes Greg Abbott’s politically motivated ethics complaint about Wendy Davis’ book promotion seriously, Abbott must explain to Texas voters why he condones admitted criminal acts by the person he wants to succeed him as state attorney general – Ken Paxton.

Texans Will Soon Hear More About Crucial Race

So far, Texas 2014 General Election voters have heard very little about the race for state attorney general.

That is about to change.


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Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

"Greg Abbott helped create the scandal at the Health and Human Services Commission and shouldn't be allowed to hide behind the work of the new task force. Abbott needs to explain his own negligence and failure to do his job in the first place.

Sessions' floor flub shows need for help with remedial math - we hope a set of flashcards will do some good

This morning the Dallas Morning News reported that Congressman Pete Sessions (CD32 – Dallas) is having trouble with basic math – in this case, simple division.

"Ted Cruz will be spending his time raising money and traveling to early primary states rather than in the US Capitol or in Texas - I'd say that's addition by subtraction.