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Video details courageous fight against Republican Voter ID Bill


Kim Brimer's legal maneuver backfires

Today, the Texas 2nd District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth rejected an effort by allies of State Senator Kim Brimer to remove former Fort Worth City Councilwoman, Wendy Davis as his Democratic opponent in November.  For several weeks, Brimer has been engaged in a frantic scramble of administrat

Files bogus ballot challenge to deny voters a choice in SD10

Kim Brimer didn’t waste any time finding the low road in his campaign against popular mainstream Democratic opponent Wendy Davis.

Dan Barrett bounces Mark Shelton bringing Texas Democrats within five seats of a State House majority

Dan Barrett won 52.2% of the vote yesterday in a special election runoff for Texas State Rep. District 97. District 97 was a Republican stronghold that gave George W. Bush 63.9% of the vote in 2004.


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Divisive rhetoric exposes out of touch hypocrisy

At the Dallas Chamber debate, Garcia renewed his attack on major north Texas jobs programs. He most ferociously attacked the F-35 fighter program, which supports over 6,000 jobs at the north Texas Lockheed Martin Plant (Source: North Texas Commission). Garcia also failed to back off of his earlier criticism of the autos built by workers at the GM plant in Arlington. Prior to the debate, he had called the vehicles made at the north Texas GM plant “gas guzzlers” and said that they “are not good for America.”

Extreme Makeover Domingo Edition

A discussion of the issues has not served Garcia well in the campaign. His strong opposition to major North Texas jobs programs resulted in him getting 25 percent of the vote and running more than 12 percentage points behind Marc Veasey in the May 29th primary. Domingo’s recent cynical effort to take credit for President Obama’s executive order on immigration made him look foolish and left him open to ridicule.

Recent Veasey & Garcia endorsements give insight into the style and character of both candidates

There have been a number of endorsements announced by both Marc Veasey and by Domingo Garcia during the campaign for the Democratic nomination in new Congressional District 33.