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Both redistricting committee chairs voted for discriminatory redistricting plans

The Texas GOP is using a special session of the Legislature to adopt redistricting plans for use in 2014. Why would any Texan believe that the same GOP leaders- who were unanimously found guilty of intentional discrimination by a federal court- are capable of conducting a fair redistricting process now?

Kel Seliger & other Texas Republicans making matters worse

Texas Republican State leaders are in the process of ramming State House and congressional maps down the throats of Texans. It has been a pre-cooked process from the beginning. The congressional plan will be rushed through the State Senate today, and every amendment – no matter how justified – will be rejected, most of them on votes split with Anglo Republicans on one side and Members who represent minority districts on the other.

He is the voice of Republicans who don't want Texas Latino votes to count

Texas Republican House Member Jason Villalba (HD114 – Dallas) was recently appointed to the Texas House Redistricting Committee by Republican Speaker Joe Straus. But he wasn't put there to represent Texas Latinos. In fact, Villalba only won his House seat because he ran in a district carefully gerrymandered to diminish the voting strength of North Texas Latinos.

You have the chance to stand strong against the ongoing efforts by Rick Perry and other Republican state leaders in the Legislature to undermine the voting rights of millions of Texans. The House and Senate Special Select Committees on Redistricting will hold public hearings this week and next week. Here's the schedule:


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Greg Abbott Audio Confirms He's Part of the Wendy Davis Smear Campaign

Audio obtained by the Lone Star Project proves that Greg Abbott is on-board with the hateful smear campaign against Wendy Davis.

10 Things Greg Abbott’s Supporters Say That He Should be Called on to Condemn

For weeks, Greg Abbott has allowed a collection of right-wing hacks, online bomb throwers and paid campaign consultants – including his New Hampshire-based chief strategist Dave Carney – to front for him by orchestrating a series of false personal attacks against Wendy Davis and her family.

State law being broken, immediate investigation warranted

Earlier today, the Texas Democratic Party called on Rockwall County Clerk, Republican Shelli Miller, to close down the illegal campaign fundraising operation she is running within her official office to benefit a February 1st event featuring keynote speaker, Attorney General Greg Abbott.