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“Today’s indictment of Rick Perry confirms the corrupt culture of GOP leadership in Texas.

Abbott Voted Against Rape Victim in Strikingly Similar Lawsuit

A story aired last night by WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas contains details frighteningly similar to the facts laid out in a political ad released yesterday by the Wendy Davis campaign. The ad centers on a lawsuit in which Greg Abbott aligned himself with a corporation against a woman who had been brutally raped in her own home.

Whistleblower case exposes Abbott’s knowledge of smear

Statements made 

Abbott is in court helping a millionaire donor and hurting Texans maimed by a drug-addled doctor

Today, the Dallas Morning News detailed how Greg Abbott intervened in an ongoing lawsuit to argue against patients who were horribly maimed or killed by incompetent, drug-abusing doctor, Christopher Duntsch.


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Abbott piped up on Perry prosecution, but goes silent on Perry pardon

Twenty-four hours have passed since the Lone Star Project asked Governor Abbott whether or not he would initiate the pardon process if Rick Perry is ultimately convicted of the criminal charges currently pending against him.

Under State law, Abbott can initiate pardon procedures

If Greg Abbott believes the prosecution of Rick Perry is unfair and unwarranted, would he initiate pardon procedures by calling on the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to review a potential Perry conviction?

"The decision by fellow Republican, Judge Bert Richardson, to reject Rick Perry’s motion to dismiss his criminal indictment is a political and legal body blow. Surely by now Rick Perry knows, getting indicted is never a good way to differentiate yourself from other presidential candidates."