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Texas GOP wants Supreme Court to kill the Voting Rights Act

In a live radio interview last week, top Texas GOP operative and Rick Perry insider,Ted Delisi, removed any doubt that Perry, Greg Abbott and the Texas Republican leadership see the Texas redistricting litigation before the US Supreme Court as a chance to end the US Voting Rights Act.

45 years ago, displaying the courage of a true Texan, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the historic Voting Rights Act into law.

GOP benchwarmers Shelton and Goodman all that’s left after SD10 restored


Court-Drawn Texas Congressional Districts Restore Fairness

Earlier today, the three-judge Federal District Court in San Antonio issued a proposed redrawn congressional redistricting plan to be used for the 2012 elections in Texas. The Court-drawn plan is a clear rejection of the effort by Texas Republican leaders to increase their partisan strength within the Texas Congressional Delegation by violating the voting rights of Hispanics and African Americans. The Court’s plan much more fairly reflects the racial make-up and the political behavior of Texas.


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Restraining order sought to protect choices made by Beaumont voters

A dramatic struggle is underway in Beaumont, Texas where Anglo-supported candidates who lost to African American candidates just 2 years ago are attempting to reverse the election results in Texas state court. They are seeking to end the four-year terms of three African American school board members after only two years.

Texas GOP arguing to use discriminatory maps

No one should think that Texas Republican leaders have any respect for basic minority voting rights or any intention of sincerely trying to win the support of African American or Hispanic Texans, e

GOP Chair’s remarks on Texas Battleground nervous and defensive

Lately, Texas Republicans are coming across as a little nervous. Yesterday, Texas Republican Chairman Steve Munisteri attempted some tongue-in-cheek humor in response to the Battleground Texas plans to join with other Texas Democratic efforts aimed at ending failed one party Republican control of our state. Munisteri sounded defensive and consistently off the mark. He may want to move his tongue aside to make some room for his foot.