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Republican DA nominee embraced by killer's defenders

If you represented a career criminal who had been identified as the shooter in a brutal murder, then Danny Clancy might be your choice for District Attorney. How do we know?

Canseco should demand that Pete Sessions come clean on corrupt Wyly connection

Public documents reveal that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), headed by Pete Sessions, has taken at least $124,000 from recently charged insider traders Sam and Charles Wyly. The Wyly brothers, “hid $550 million in trading profits by using an ‘elaborate sham system’ of offshore entities,” according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Is Mike Toomey avoiding a subpoena by hiding out on his privately owned island?

That’s right. Mike Toomey owns an island. Being Rick Perry’s former Chief of Staff and close political confidant is apparently quite lucrative. What’s more, Toomey owns the island – which is located on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire – jointly with top Perry political strategist, Dave Carney. (Source: New Hampshire Secretary of State)

Republican state rep failed to disclose receiving Mercedes-Benz

Earlier today, the Texas Values in Action Coalition filed a formal complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission detailing State House Representative Linda Harper-Brown’s failure to report gifts of two Mercedes-Benz automobiles and a Chevy Tahoe on her personal financial statements as required by Texas law. A copy of the formal complaint can be seen here.


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Only the Democratic Primary Matters

Anyone living in new Congressional District 33 or new State House District 101 who thinks they can wait until November to cast a meaningful vote is flat out wrong.

Garcia plays to type by sending improper, inaccurate email regarding DMN recommendation of Representative Marc Veasey

Domingo Garcia’s thin skin and temper were on display following the decision by the Dallas Morning News to reject Garcia and, instead, recommend Representative Marc Veasey for the Democratic nomination in new Congressional District 33. In an email sent to his supporters late yesterday afternoon, Garcia seemed so desperate to blunt the damage of the DMN recommendation that he made matters worse. He not only improperly used the Democratic National Committee logo and made a series of statements that simply do not stand up to scrutiny, he also misspelled President Barack Obama’s name.

Dallas Morning News says, “Veasey is tested and ready”

New Congressional District 33 spreads across both Tarrant and Dallas counties, including large parts of Fort Worth and the City of Dallas.