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Abbott helped donors grab $42 million in cancer research funds and then attacked cancer survivors for calling him out.

Greg Abbott was directed by the Legislature to serve on the Texas Cancer Prevention Research Center (CPRIT) Oversight Board to protect Texas taxpayer money. The cancer research oversight board met a total of 23 times.

A video released yesterday featured four cancer survivors expressing their outrage that the state’s cancer research center (CPRIT) had been exploited by Greg Abbott’s friends and donors for millions of dollars. Their comments demonstrated strength and courage and heartfelt concern for others coping with cancer.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

“In a radio interview with Sean Hannity this weekend, Greg Abbott was asked to comment on the ugly and racist remarks about African Americans made by Cliven Bundy. Abbott chose to say nothing.

AG must explain Perry’s use of taxpayer dollars for his defense

Greg Abbott is now entangled in the fast spreading scandal over Rick Perry’s criminal efforts to threaten, coerce and bribe the Travis County DA—who also serves as head of our state’s Public Integrity Unit—into resigning her office. State Representative Joe Deshotel (HD22 Beaumont)—who is known by colleagues in both parties as a fair-minded and even-tempered public servant—has sent a formal request to Greg Abbott, asking for his legal opinion on the propriety of Perry’s use of taxpayer money to pay his high-priced criminal defense lawyer.


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Greg Abbott is one of the worst AG’s in the country collecting delinquent child support

Greg Abbott often highlights and brags about receiving an award from the National Child Support Enforcement Association for his work on child support collection in Texas.

While the Supreme Court will allow Abbott’s discriminatory voter ID requirement to stay in place for the 2014 elections, I believe the Court will ultimately strike down the law. The right to cast a ballot freely without fear of discrimination or retribution is the essence of our Democracy, but that freedom terrifies Greg Abbott and his political allies.

Under pressure, Burton lies about 2013 budget funding public schools

Voters don’t have to agree with every policy position held by a candidate. However, fundamental honesty is demanded and is the very least that voters should expect. Senate District 10 Tea Party Republican candidate Konni Burton failed this basic test of integrity.