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Fort Worth Star-Telegram says Burton doing a "disservice to the people back home"

Barely a month into her first term in the State Senate, Konni Burton is making headlines - just not the sort of headlines a new senator would like to make.

"Today's press conference was just another part of an ongoing effort by Texas Republican leaders to promote hostility toward Hispanic Texans and further divide our great state.

Abbott and others forced to surrender six figure donations

Yesterday, Christy Hoppe of the Dallas Morning News reported that Texas GOP mega-donor, Marcus Hiles, pled guilty to "a domestic violence charge that included an accusation he choked a woman into unconsciousness." Hoppe describes a situation at a Las Vegas hotel where Hiles became violent with the woman following a fight in a local club and taxi ride back to the hotel:

Abbott piped up on Perry prosecution, but goes silent on Perry pardon

Twenty-four hours have passed since the Lone Star Project asked Governor Abbott whether or not he would initiate the pardon process if Rick Perry is ultimately convicted of the criminal charges currently pending against him.


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The voting rights claims involving Texas congressional and State House redistricting plans are now in the fifth year of litigation and all ordered briefing is complete, so it is reasonable to exp

Congressman Pete Sessions (TX – CD32, Dallas) is accurately seen as the establishment candidate in the current race underway for U.S. House GOP Whip. It is interesting to note that the extreme and mean-spirited views Sessions expressed about Latino immigrants as a congressional candidate back in 1994 are now the accepted point of view within the Republican Party. In a Republican leadership race, these views are virtually mandatory.

King is the fall guy in a convoluted money transfer with Craddicks

Yesterday, the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) announced that it has fined State Representative Phil King (HD61 – Weatherford) in response to a complaint filed against him last year. The complaint involves King’s receipt of $25,000 from Representative Tom Craddick (HD82– Midland) to cover a $25,000 contribution King made to a North Texas PAC which used the money to help Tom Craddick’s daughter and current Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick.