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Highlights from her interview

In a wide-ranging interview on Thursday, March 6th with Texas Tribune editor-in-chief Evan Smith, Wendy Davis discussed how she plans to become the state’s next Governor – and what her priorities will be once she takes office.

At the top of her list – education.

LSP tracks returns in key races across the state

March 4th Primary results as they come in

Sex with a minor is a felony in Texas without statute of limitations

Greg Abbott clearly won’t apologize for appearing publicly with his “blood brother” Ted Nugent. Apparently, Abbott and his campaign team see Nugent’s admission that he was “addicted” to sex with underage girls as no big deal.

Actually, Texans don’t need an apology. They need the top law enforcement officer in the state to do what he has sworn to do — investigate sexual predators, gather all evidence and hold offenders accountable.

Nugent has been sued for child support, admits to fathering nine children with seven women

Greg Abbott is currently under fire for campaigning with and defending Ted Nugent, a washed-up rocker who’s admitted to sleeping with underage girls and manipulating their parents to give him access to their daughters. The Dallas Morning News condemned Abbott’s embrace of Nugent and said, “This misstep calls Abbott’s leadership and judgment into question …”


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Abbott Refuses to Settle Lawsuit

During a post-gubernatorial debate interview aired Sunday on Lone Star Politics, a KXAS news program, Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle made clear that Greg Abbott made a “horrible mistake - he looked Texans in the eye and he lied to them” about school funding.

When pressed by Davis, Abbott lied about public school lawsuit

In last night’s Rio Grande Valley debate, Wendy Davis directly challenged Greg Abbott to drop his legal fight to push $5 billion in funding cuts to Texas schools – cuts that a State District Court has already ruled against, saying that they’re unconstitutional and deny Texas kids an adequate education.

Watchdog group seeks records related to Paxton’s admitted violation of state securities law

Today the Texas Coalition for Lawyer Accountability (TCLA) filed suit against the Texas State Securities Board to obtain documents linked to Republican attorney general candidate Ken Paxton’s admitted felony violation of state securities law.