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Recent Veasey & Garcia endorsements give insight into the style and character of both candidates

There have been a number of endorsements announced by both Marc Veasey and by Domingo Garcia during the campaign for the Democratic nomination in new Congressional District 33. The most revealing of them, however, may be those announced in just the last few days.

Garcia underperforms in Dallas, makes no headway in Tarrant

A Lone Star Project analysis of turnout and Democratic candidate support in the May 29th Texas Democratic primary in new Congressional District 33 confirms earlier projections that the configuration of CD33 favors a strong candidate from Tarrant County with the temperament and ability to build coalitions. What’s more, first place finisher Marc Veasey ran further ahead of second place candidate Domingo Garcia than geography and demographics alone can explain. It appears that Garcia’s failure to support major North Texas employers GM, American Airlines and Lockheed along with his personal attacks of Veasey reinforced his reputation for divisiveness and alienated working class voters in CD33.

Brief overview of key congressional races

Run-offs feature impressive new talent. In other races, one incumbent loses, while two others show impressive strength by winning outright.

To help both journalists covering the Texas Democratic primary and voters who have yet to cast ballots in the CD33 race, we have provided below a summary of the major news stories and the Lone Star Project reports on Texas Congressional District 30.


Recent Reports

Last week, the Lone Star Project released research exposing Attorney General Greg Abbott’s failure to fulfill his responsibilities as a member of the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (

AG’s incompetence and partisan fear of Texas minority voters exposed

Over the last several days, Greg Abbott has engaged in a “CYA” exercise to hide his failure and incompetence as the Attorney General of Texas during the ongoing litigation involving redistricting a

This morning the San Antonio Express-News ran a story detailing how Greg Abbott failed to provide oversight to the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). Abbott should immediately suspend his investigation of CPRIT and appoint an independent investigator.