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Witness identifies Mike Toomey as leader of Green Party ballot scam

Earlier today, a key witness testified under oath that a top member of Rick Perry’s inner circle paid him about $12,000 to convince Green Party of Texas leaders to participate in an elaborate ballot petition scam. (Source:

Linda Harper-Brown video fails to address bribery charges

Reports filed by The Dallas Morning News and WFAA Channel 8 detail serious bribery charges against Irving State Representative Linda Harper-Brown (R-District 105). Harper-Brown is a member of the influential House Committee on Transportation. She is accused of doing special favors for a private transportation company that does business with the State of Texas in return for the use of a luxury Mercedes Benz and other undisclosed benefits.

Was Harper-Brown paid off with a luxury car?

Linda Harper-Brown (R-HD105) sits on the  Texas House Transportation Committee  and is the biggest advocate for red-light cameras in the Texas Legislature.  Harper-Brown also drives a $55,000 Mercedes Benz, owned by a transporta

Taylor hiring confirms Green Party/Republican connection on ballot access scheme

Any doubt that the Green Party of Texas is willingly being used by high profile Republicans with connections to Rick Perry can now be set aside.


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Yesterday, the Lone Star Project released a report analyzing and giving our view of the relative standing of the 11 candidates for the Democratic Party nomin

Leaders emerging from crowded candidate field

With the first quarter financial reports now in and the May 29th Democratic primary about six weeks away, the race for the Democratic Party nomination in new Congressional District 33 is taking shape. The new District 33 is considered a safe Democratic seat, so the Democratic primary election is tantamount to the general election. With 11 Democratic candidates in the race, we expect that none will gain a majority of the vote on May 29th, forcing a July 31st run-off between the two top finishers.

Narrow ideology and extreme partisanship hurting Texas