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Lone Star Project Report

Abbott Hides While GOP Women Struggle to Defend Him on Equal Pay

Republican Party of Texas Executive Director Beth Cubriel yesterday tried to defend Greg Abbott’s refusal to support equal pay for equal work in Texas. Her explanation — that the real problem for Texas working women is that they need to “become better negotiators” — fell short. This is the second time in two days that Greg Abbott has called on women in his party to speak for him and to defend his indefensible position. Earlier, Cari Christman, a spokesperson for a partisan pro-Abbott PAC said women today are just “too busy” to be concerned with equal pay for equal work.

Statement from Lone Star Project Spokesperson Lisa Turner:

“Greg Abbott should be ashamed and embarrassed that he is forcing women in his party to defend his ridiculous position on equal pay while he cowers behind them saying nothing. Equal pay for equal work is a fundamental Texas value that Greg Abbott rejects. If Greg Abbott really thinks women don’t get paid fairly because they aren't good negotiators, he’s simply too far out of touch to lead our state."