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Abbott Lied in TV Interview on Fair Pay for Working Moms

Says NO to Equal Pay for Texas Families, YES to Extra Pay for Himself

On WFAA’s Inside Politics on Sunday, host Jason Whitely asked Greg Abbott if he would sign the equal pay bill that Rick Perry vetoed. Instead of answering the question honestly, Abbott double-talked, ducked and ultimately lied – saying that he would “ensure that women will not be discriminated [against] in any way on pay because of their sex.”

Abbott failed to disclose that he went to court to defend unfair pay in Texas. Instead, he falsely claimed that Texas law already guarantees equal pay.

That’s flat out not true…and he knows it. Greg Abbott has taken no action as Attorney General to advance equal pay or attempt to close the pay gap in Texas.

Texas women today get paid only about 80 percent of the salary earned by a man doing the same job. For example, a working mom earns only $33,600 a year for doing a job that would pay a man $42,000 annually. That means, this working mom is essentially "taxed" over $8,000.

What would that additional $8,000 mean to an average Texas family?

Abbott’s opposition to fair pay for hardworking Texas women means Texas families are being shortchanged thousands of dollars each year.

Abbott doesn't need extra money – and he doesn't think hard-working Texas families deserve it.

Greg Abbott is a millionaire. Most Texans are not.

A lot of Texans have had to tighten their belts over the last decade. Meanwhile, the Texas Legislature has cut back on major funding priorities – like a $5.2 billion cut in spending on public schools in 2011.

All the while, Greg Abbott has been pulling down more and more taxpayer dollars for himself - and demanding that the Legislature increase the budget in his own AG office.

In less than five years, Greg Abbott took a whopping taxpayer-funded salary increase of more than 62 percent.

  • In 2005, when Greg Abbott was already earning a generous salary of just over $92,000 a year, he took a hefty raise bringing him to $125,000.
  • Just two years later, Abbott grabbed more money for himself, this time a $25,000 bump that took his yearly pay up to $150,000 – which is an increase of over 62 percent since taking office as AG.
  • Since taking office in 2003, Greg Abbott has asked the legislature to increase his budget nearly every year. Currently, Abbott spends more than half a billion dollars annually in taxpayer funds just to run his office.

Why won’t Greg Abbott acknowledge that working moms in Texas are not paid equally to men doing the same job?

Why won’t Greg Abbott admit that he went to court to defend unequal pay in Texas?

Why does Greg Abbott think he can get away with lying about his position and past actions on equal pay?