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Abbott on Tape!

Greg Abbott Audio Confirms He's Part of the Wendy Davis Smear Campaign

Audio obtained by the Lone Star Project proves that Greg Abbott is on-board with the hateful smear campaign against Wendy Davis.

Speaking to Republicans in Wimberly, Texas last week, Abbott laughed about the online and Twitter attacks on Davis's family and vowed to "keep that conversation up for nine months.”

Hear the audio.

Abbott’s involvement had already been confirmed a day earlier when San Antonio Express-News reporter Peggy Fikac wrote that, "Abbott's campaign has questioned details and pointed out discrepancies in the story she tells of her life."

Of course, Abbott’s role in the personal attacks on Davis has been obvious for months. His top campaign consultant – New Hampshire-based right wing operative Dave Carney – has been rolling out personal insults and ugly attacks against Davis since mid-summer.


Karl Rove’s Lie Confirms GOP Fear of Wendy Davis

National right-wing henchman Karl Rove is known for going out on a limb to spread a lie. In fact, he last made headlines on Election Night 2012 when he refused to admit that  Barack Obama had won Ohio - and the White House. Even FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly called out his lie.

Now, Rove is proving how much of a threat Wendy Davis is to national Republicans - by lying to cover for Greg Abbott.

Just yesterday, Rove flatly stated what he surely knew to be untrue.  Rove said "Greg Abbott has not been slinging mud. He's avoided this to the greatest extent possible."


Abbott apologists like Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak have also lied to the press about Abbott’s role in the Davis smear campaign. 8 days after Peggy Fikac confirmed Abbott’s involvement Mackowiak said "Abbot had nothing to do with this story."

We better get used to the lies. As Abbott says, "we're gonna keep this conversation up for nine months."