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Cain Refuses to Deny Charges of Illegal Drug Sales

East Texas Republican accused of selling and using drugs

Videos released in the last days of hotly contested campaigns – especially those accusing one candidate or the other of illegal or immoral actions – are typically rebutted as overtly misleading or outright false. For this reason, the Lone Star Project initially discounted the video accusing House District 3 challenger, Erwin Cain, of the illegal use and sale of cocaine and marijuana.

However, when given the opportunity to dispute the video and to demonstrate that it was false, Cain passively acknowledged its accuracy by saying "I am not prepared to discuss things that happened when I was a young kid," and "Again, I do not want to get into my actions as a young man."

The allegations are made in a video deposition given by Bobby Phillips, Jr., Erwin Cain's former brother-in-law. Cain was the best man at Phillips's wedding.

Erwin Cain implicitly acknowledged using and selling drugs and then tried to excuse his actions by inaccurately saying he "was a young kid." Cain was in his mid to late twenties when the events described in the video occurred. Had he been arrested, he would have been tried as an adult.

Most late campaign disclosures don’t impact the results of elections. This blockbuster video revealing that Erwin Cain used and sold illegal drugs could be an exception.