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Greg Abbott Should Not Get a Pass for Hypocrisy at Memorial Service

Legal brief lays out intentional discrimination by Abbott and other Texas Republican leaders

On Saturday, Governor Greg Abbott and other Texas leaders gathered on the Capital grounds to unveil the Texas African American History Memorial. It was a historic and overdue ceremony noting racial progress made in Texas.  The ugly irony of the ceremony, however, is that Greg Abbott was a featured speaker at the event even though he owns a vile and shameful record of discrimination and hostility against African American and Hispanic Texans.   
Legal Brief Details Intentional Discrimination
Prior to the event, civil rights groups along with the U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief in federal court laying out how Abbott and Texas Republican lawmakers have intentionally discriminated against minority Texans in passing the Texas voter ID law. The brief demonstrates that racial discrimination was not just the result of the law, but a “purpose” intended by Abbott and other state leaders. 
Abbott & Texas GOP History of Discrimination
Evidence of intentional discrimination by Greg Abbott and current Texas Republican leaders is no surprise.  Federal Courts have ruled that Texas Republican leaders have discriminated against Texas citizens over a half-dozen times since 2011.  Congressional, State Senate and State House redistricting plans were all ruled discriminatory, and the Texas voter ID law has been found discriminatory after every court review.  Three findings of intentional discrimination by Abbott and other State leaders are linked below: 
2011 Congressional Redistricting Map
2011 State Senate Redistricting Map
2011 Texas Voter ID law
Statement from LSP Director Matt Angle
“Greg Abbott is the point in the spear of intentional discrimination in Texas.  He should have spent his time at the memorial ceremony apologizing for his sorry and shameful record of intentionally attacking and undermining basic civil and voting rights of millions of Texas citizens."