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Ken Paxton's Crimes and Corruption


AG Paxton’s First Move on Texas Chemical Fire was to Shield Corporations from Justice

Court order requires State leaders to get Court approval before any voters removed from rolls

In a court order issued earlier today, Federal District Court Judge Fred Biery stopped Greg Abbott and his Secretary of State in their tracks prohibiting them from taking further action to remove Texans from the voter rolls without getting the process approved by the federal court.

Paxton aiming for an appeals court ruling that will give him broad new authority to harass elected officials.

For over a year, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been prosecuting Jefferson County Sheriff Zena Stephens – the first, and one of only two, female African American Sheriffs in Texas.  The case has

Either Greg Abbott or David Whitley is lying regarding Texas voter purge debacle

In a television interview late yesterday regarding the disturbing voter registration debacle, Governor Greg Abbott made a statement that directly conflicts with sworn testimony given by his appointee a

Republican Chip Roy votes to deny backpay to furloughed federal workers, yet claimed government pay and healthcare while working for a Ted Cruz Super PAC

If an award were given for the first and most blatant act of hypocrisy by a Texas freshman Member of Congress, Republican Chip Roy (CD21 – Austin) would win hands down. 

Cruz, Abbott & other Texas GOP leader share in Trump’s failure to protect America

For many, many months there has been no question that Donald Trump is incompetent, disdainful of democracy and easily puts his ego and personal needs above the safety and security of our nation.  Far m

Burton teams up with indicted AG Ken Paxton to falsely attack local schools

Tea Party/Trump Party Republican Konni Burton (SD10 – Southlake) hitched a ride on Ken Paxton’s high horse to charge backwards into a bogus attack on the Fort Worth Independent School District

It is important to keep today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on Texas redistricting in perspective.

The current maps are significantly better than those originally drawn by Texas Republican leaders due to the relentless efforts of minority advocates and their allies.

Don’t let Texas Republicans revise history of their moral failure.

Lone Star Project media review shows Paxton indictment mentioned in less than 11 percent of print and online news coverage.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been under felony indictment nearly the entire time he has served as Texas Attorney General.  Paxton was sworn in as AG on