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Ken Paxton's Crimes and Corruption


The legal battle over the Texas Voter ID law is being waged furiously and, this morning, was the subject of a crucial and historic argument before a three-judge panel of the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

And With Scandal Brewing Ken Paxton Should Disclose His Tax Returns

Disclosing information like income tax filings late on a Friday to avoid press coverage is standard political behavior. However, distorting and manipulating the information to hide the facts is patently dishonest. Last Friday, Greg Abbott did just that – he selectively added, and withheld other, important information in a press statement to hide the fact that he paid only $104 in federal income taxes last year – a rate of under one percent – which is far less than what the average Texan pays.

So what happens now?

There is no artful way to say it – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is our highest ranking law enforcement official, is lying about his felony violation of Texas

Will Collin and/or Dallas County DA Investigate Paxton Crimes?

In a document prepared for a January 2015 hearing, the Texas State Securities Board (SSB) laid out evidence that implicitly implicates Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in its enforcement action against his former business associate, Frederick "Fritz" Mowery. The SSB details how Mowery swindled clients and altered documents to mislead state investigators.

Today, Republicans in the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs approved a bill by Senator Joan Huffman (SD17 – Houston) that would weaken the ability to prosecute corrupt state officials.

"Today's press conference was just another part of an ongoing effort by Texas Republican leaders to promote hostility toward Hispanic Texans and further divide our great state.

Paxton actions similar to indicted New York Speaker Sheldon Silver

Sheldon Silver, the powerful New York Democratic House Speaker, was arrested last Thursday on federal criminal corruption charges. The actions that led to Silver’s indictment and arrest are very similar to the corrupt activity that has kept Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton under fire since early last year.

Is Ken Paxton holding campaign funds to cover cost of his legal defense?

Ken Paxton has spent most of the 2014 General Election hiding – from the press, from the public and even from most Republican events. He has also done very little campaigning in the form of media advertising or mailings. Nevertheless, Paxton has raised over $2.4 million during the election cycle. He received a $1 million loan guaranteed from an insider friend, Tim Dunn, and Dunn’s PAC, Empower Texas. That leaves Paxton with roughly $1.4 million for use in this campaign. Rather than spending the money talking with voters and advancing his campaign, Paxton has held on to the money.

Joint appearance signals Abbott approval

Greg Abbott appeared today in Frisco, Texas at a campaign event with Ken Paxton, the Republican nominee for Attorney General who has admitted to felony violations of state security laws. The joint appearance can be fairly seen as him acknowledging and condoning Ken Paxton’s breaking our Texas security laws.

Ken Paxton rejected for his unethical and criminal acts

In the race for the next attorney general, every major Texas newspaper has endorsed Sam Houston over his opponent, Ken Paxton.