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Ken Paxton's Crimes and Corruption


Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

"If qualifications, character, ability or integrity matter at all in the election for Texas attorney general, Sam Houston will be the overwhelming choice. Ken Paxton has demonstrated a fundamental lack of honesty and profound disrespect for Texas voters.

Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle says Paxton has “indictment hanging over his head”

The Travis County District Attorney has confirmed that any investigation into the criminal felony complaint filed against Republican candidate for attorney general Ken Paxton would take place after the November 4th General Election. It's a clear signal to voters that electing Paxton would subject the Texas AG's office to immediate post-election uncertainty, disruption and dysfunction.

Watchdog group seeks records related to Paxton’s admitted violation of state securities law

Today the Texas Coalition for Lawyer Accountability (TCLA) filed suit against the Texas State Securities Board to obtain documents linked to Republican attorney general candidate Ken Paxton’s admitted felony violation of state securities law.

Abbott Needs to Say Whether a Confessed Felon Can Serve as AG

Before anyone takes Greg Abbott’s politically motivated ethics complaint about Wendy Davis’ book promotion seriously, Abbott must explain to Texas voters why he condones admitted criminal acts by the person he wants to succeed him as state attorney general – Ken Paxton.

Texans Will Soon Hear More About Crucial Race

So far, Texas 2014 General Election voters have heard very little about the race for state attorney general.

That is about to change.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

Greg Abbott’s request to the Texas Ethics Commission regarding Wendy Davis’s book is designed to hide his own conflicts of interest and fear of exposure. Before Abbott asks any questions about campaign ethics, he needs to find the courage to answer some questions himself.

Paxton voted “Yea” on securities law but “Nay” on obeying it

There’s a reason Ken Paxton’s aide “physically blocked” a reporter from approaching him to ask a question regarding his violation of Texas securities laws. Not only is there overwhelming evidence that he committed a third degree felony under Texas law, a review of Paxton’s legislative record shows that he voted for the very same criminal statute under which he will now likely be prosecuted.

Texans for Public Justice detail Paxton crimes to Travis County DA
Will he confess to the Texas Sheriffs' Assocation

Admitted criminal and Tea Party Republican candidate Ken Paxton is bringing his “now-you-see-him-now-you-don’t” campaign to the Sheriffs' Association of Texas Annual Meeting in San Antonio next wee

If Not — Why Not? Find out this Saturday, July 19th

This Saturday, Konni Burton, Republican Tea Party candidate for Senate District 10 will appear at a public event with embattled GOP Attorney General candidate and admitted criminal Ken Paxton.