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Konni Burton’s Rocky Start

Fort Worth Star-Telegram says Burton doing a "disservice to the people back home"

Barely a month into her first term in the State Senate, Konni Burton is making headlines - just not the sort of headlines a new senator would like to make.

Last week Burton announced she will ban public-sector lobbyists from her office. Just who are public-sector lobbyists? They are the representatives of local cities, school districts, and water districts. That means any person officially working on behalf of citizens in Fort Worth, Arlington, or a local school district are no longer permitted into her office to advocate, or even educate, the Senator on issues that could help or hurt the very constituents she was elected to serve.

Oddly, Konni took money from some of the same lobbyists she’s now banning. And, her lobbyist ban does not extend to those representing private corporations or other special interests, just those officially representing the actual residents of her district.

Burton's position draws fire

It didn’t take long for local elected officials and the media to question both the logic and ethics of Burton’s move.

Call Burton’s latest position a "misguided theory", a bad idea, or a political ploy - the real losers are the moms, dads, and kids living in Tarrant County who no longer can send capable advocates to make their case to their own state senator.

Hopefully Senator Burton will reverse her odd and hypocritical policy so she can learn the basic things she needs to know to protect Tarrant County families from more unfunded mandates, public school funding cuts or other actions that can be taken by an inflexible and uninformed public official.