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Lone Star Project Video: Texas Is Talking Equal Pay

Why won't Greg Abbott?

For almost three weeks, the Lone Star Project, the media and state political candidates have all been discussing equal pay– and what we can do to make sure Texas women earn a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.

In fact, nearly everyone's been talking about it – except Greg Abbott.

Maybe Abbott's kept quiet because reporters quickly discovered he pays women in his office less than men doing the same job.

Maybe it's because we learned Abbott actually fought in court against fair pay.

Or maybe Greg Abbott just doesn't want to anyone to notice the hefty pay raises he's taken as Attorney General.

Whatever the reason, Abbott has shown he is not ready to talk about the kinds of issues that make the most difference in the lives of real Texans and real Texas families.

This Lone Star Project video sums up Abbott’s abject failure to understand the importance of equal pay for equal work

Clearly, Greg Abbott is not ready to talk about tough issues in Texas – and not ready to lead.