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LSP Video: Kesha Rogers is a Counterfeit Candidate

Not a Real Democrat — Not Right for Texas

For Texas Democrats voting in the May 27th Texas Democratic Party US Senate runoff, ruling out Kesha Rogers should be easy.

Rogers has never held any office, at any level. She is a devout follower of long-time political conspiracy theorist and cult leader Lyndon LaRouche. Rogers holds bizarre beliefs about the importance of mining the moon for rare gasses and minerals. She claims the Queen of England is selling drugs as part of a plot to take over the world.

And she views President Barack Obama as part of that scheme.

Rogers issues nonstop personal attacks against President Obama, calling him a murderer, comparing him to Hitler and rallying support for his impeachment.

David Alameel came in first in this month’s Democratic Primary, very nearly avoiding a runoff against Rogers.

Alameel, a successful entrepreneur and longtime Democratic activist, has established himself as a strong, informed and capable candidate – a man who reflects mainstream Texas values and views.

Alameel provides a sharp contrast to Republican John Cornyn’s crass pandering to Wall Street and Washington GOP insiders.