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Now DeLay Says He's a Northern Californian

How Can Anyone Believe This Guy?

Who's Fighting Back?

The Texas Democratic Party sought and won a Temporary Restraining Order stopping DeLay and Texas Republican efforts to replace him on the Texas ballot. A hearing on the matter is set for June 22, 2006. A copy of the petition filed by the Texas Democratic Party can be viewed here and the TRO granted can be viewed here.

Reasonable doubts about the legitimacy of Tom DeLay's "move" to Virginia have grown even stronger after he placed over 8000 robocalls to voters describing himself as a "Northern Californian."(Source: Washington Post, June 14, 2006) It appears that DeLay has confused even himself as he manipulates facts, disrespects Texas voters and hides from responsibility.

New Low - Even for DeLay

A simple review of DeLay's activities reveals a series of conflicting statements, official actions and sworn documents. This year alone, DeLay has:

  • voted in Republican Primaries in two different states;
  • cast votes as a Member of Congress from Texas after registering to vote in Virginia;
  • identified himself a "Northern Californian" in a series of robocalls.

Double-Voting DeLay

Thomas DeLay Voting History - Spring 2006

Texas Republican Primary Thomas DeLay - March 7, 2006 Voted In Person
Virginia Republican Primary Thomas DeLay - June 9, 2006 Voted Absentee

(Source: Associated Press, June 10, 2006, Texas Secretary of State)

DeLay activity as a Texas Congressman, while registered to vote in Virginia

Thomas DeLay Congressional Activity

Bills Sponsored 2
Votes Cast 79

(Bills Sponsored and Votes Cast between 5/15/2006 and 6/9/2006 Source: Clerk of the House of Representatives)

Texas. Virginia. Texas. California?

The timeline below reveals how DeLay's activities conflict and undermine his credibility

March 7, 2006 through June 10, 2006

State Date Activity Source
Texas March 7, 2006 DeLay votes in Texas Primary Washington Post, March 8, 2006
Texas March 7, 2006 DeLay wins the GOP primary for Congressional District 22 Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2006
Texas/Virginia April 3, 2006 DeLay announces he will resign from Congress and move to Virginia Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2006
Virginia Late April or Early May DeLay claims he registered to vote in Virginia Associated Press, June 10, 2006
Texas June 7, 2006 DeLay sponsors a bill in Congress as the representative from the Texass 22 Congressional District Clerk of the House of Representatives
Virginia June 9, 2006 DeLay votes absentee in Virginia Election Associated Press, June 10, 2006
Texas June 9, 2006 DeLay casts 9 votes in Congress as the representative from the Texas 22 Congressional District Clerk of the House of Representatives
California June 10-13, 2006 DeLay records a robocall message that goes out to 8,000 households which includes the line, "I recently re-registered to vote in Northern California" Washington Post, June 14, 2006; Roll Call, June 14, 2006

Bottom Line

Tom DeLay's insistence on bending the rules and the law to the breaking point have created an environment in which neither his words nor is actions can be taken at face value. Simply said, DeLay's credibility is shot.


Under political fire and criminal indictment, on April 3, 2006, DeLay abandoned his campaign for re-election to Congress. To create an artificial vacancy on the Republican ballot so that Republican Party officials, rather than voters, could hand-pick his successor, DeLay claimed he would leave Texas, establish residency in Virginia. However, DeLay did not actually leave Congress until last week, specifically June 9, 2006.