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Palin Republican Implodes

Stephen Broden condones violent overthrow if election is lost

Will Republican leaders continue to support and defend Broden?


Danny Clancy, Wade Emmert, & Stephen Broden

Danny Clancy, Wade Emmert & Stephen Broden

For weeks, Republicans across the board – from national figures like Sarah Palin, Pete Sessions and Michael Steele to local Republicans like Jonathan Neerman, Bill Zedler and Stefani Carter – have embraced and promoted 30th Congressional District Republican nominee Stephen Broden. They all ignored Broden's long history of outrageous, extreme and dangerous rhetoric, assuming it would be lost in the frenzy of Tea Party Republican extremists and general chatter surrounding Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson.

They were wrong.

Broden video interview exposes him as a dangerous extremist

Yesterday, in an interview conducted by WFAA Channel 8’s Brad Watson, Stephen Broden stated bluntly that violent insurrection should "be on the table" if his extreme brand of politics is not successful in the election.  Ironically, the interview itself was an attempt at damage control by Broden, who has repeatedly made outrageous statements comparing the Obama Administration to Nazi Germany and alleging that President Obama planned the recession and high unemployment.

Sessions, Steele, Neerman must immediately condemn Stephen Broden

Republican Party leaders recruited, endorsed and supported Broden. Pete Sessions recruited and promoted Broden, Jonathan Neerman supports Broden and tried to downplay his recent comments and Sarah Palin has endorsed him.

Stephen Broden and Sarah Palin

Extremists Stephen Broden &
Sarah Palin

Here is what national Republican leaders are saying:

  • Michael Steele: Broden lets the GOP "show the other side of who we are and what we believe."
  • Sarah Palin: "It's an honor to support Stephen Broden to represent Texas' 30th Congressional District."
  • Pete Sessions: "Texas needs proven leaders like Stephen Broden in Congress"

Dallas County Republican Party Chair Jonathan Neerman has aggressively supported and promoted Stephen Broden and yesterday attempted to downplay Broden's remarks, saying only that he "would talk to [Broden]."

Failure by these Republican Party leaders to publicly condemn Broden, withdraw Republican Party support and demand the return of all direct and in-kind contributions to Broden, signals that both Texas and national Republican leadership condone his dangerous views and violent rhetoric.

Republican House Candidates and other local Republicans on Team Broden

Call or email the following Dallas Republicans who have endorsed or been endorsed by Stephen Broden:

Pete Sessions

NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions:
(214) 373-8585

Stefani Carter

Stefani Carter:
(972) 385-3313

Bill Zedler


Bill Zedler:
(817) 375-0104