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Perry Power Outage

Texans shiver through rolling blackouts while Perry politics in sunny California

Rick Perry serves Red Meat Cold 

Texans may be shivering in the cold, but Perry is shivering with the anticipation of being on a national GOP ticket. Perry serves up the simple-minded right-wing red meat that Tea Party Republicans crave. He knows it, and is betting Texans won't mind his neglect while he seeks national office. Texans will have to get used to being Rick Perry's afterthought.

Texas is currently experiencing a record cold-wave and ice storm which has killed at least 6 people and brought rolling power blackouts. Texas parents, public officials, business owners and managers are all struggling to keep homes and businesses warm. Meanwhile, Rick Perry is in California meeting with deep-pocket Republican donors and right-wing opinion leaders.

Perry was paying so little attention to the ice storm during his five day trip to California that his own press release misstated the reason for the rolling blackouts saying it was the result of high demand when, in fact, the problem was a reduction in the power supply. (Austin American-Statesman, 2/3/2011)

So, why would Rick Perry, who almost always reads the political winds accurately, abandon his state during a major weather catastrophe? Don’t worry. Perry hasn’t lost his political instincts. It’s just that Texas is now in Rick Perry’s rear view mirror. He’s reading national rather than Texas political tea leaves.

Signs that Texas is no more than a Perry Pit Stop in an early Presidential Run

  • Within 36 hours of being re-elected to a third full term as Governor, Perry left Texas for Washington to be on Fox & Friends and Glenn Beck’s Radio show (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 11/5/10)
  • In a classic tip-off that a Presidential run is in the works, Perry wrote a self-promoting book “Fed Up” and went on tour to flak it. (Texas Tribune, 11/5/2010)
  • Since November 2nd, Perry has regularly attended out of state Republican events and fundraisers. According to the Politico, since the election, Rick Perry has traveled to California twice and New York and Washington DC. Perry will have been in DC for the Conservative PAC conference, the Republican House Retreat, and a Republican Governor’s Association meeting in January and February of this year alone. (Politico)
  • A mysterious national poll disclosed last week included Perry’s name among those offered as GOP alternatives to President Obama. (Politico, 1/17/2011)