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The Platform Greg Abbott Doesn’t Want You to See

Why Texas Republicans Won’t Release their Party Platform

Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick are running on a party platform they don’t want anyone to see—with good reason.

Since last week’s convention in Ft. Worth, leaked portions of the judgmental Texas GOP platform has been making headlines across the country, mainly for a series of provisions that divide one Texan against another.

What hasn't been covered is what this platform will do to the Texas economy.

The overwhelmingly negative response the Texas GOP has already received appears to have convinced party leaders to withhold the “official” version until next week, when they hope the media—and more importantly, Texas voters—won’t be paying attention.

Frankly, if this year’s platform is anything like the draft proposal they put out before the convention, they should keep it under wraps.

Abbott, Patrick and Republican Party leaders are not just trying to dictate how Texans lead their lives—they are threatening the way Texans make a living.

Abbott’s Recipe for Trashing the Texas Economy

The Abbott/Patrick 2014 platform is packed with bad ideas and half-baked plans that would, if carried out, cost Texas countless jobs, bring our state’s economic growth to a grinding halt and hurt hardworking Texans.

Here is a handful of their job killing proposals:

Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick won’t denounce these dangerous ideas. They are running on them.