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At Red State Confab - Will Abbott Continue to Renege on Pledge to Texans?

Can Abbott find the courage to join conservatives in condemning Trump?

Tomorrow Greg Abbott will appear at the extreme right’s Red State gathering in Denver, Colorado. Abbott’s appearance comes just as Donald Trump is taking intense heat from other Republicans over the dysfunctional, divisive, and dangerous campaign he’s leading.  

On Monday, 50 Republican national security experts wrote an open letter disavowing Trump’s dangerous foreign policy views.  Two days later, 70 other Republican leaders demanded that the RNC withhold funding from the Trump campaign.  
Expect notable Red State attendees to criticize and break with Trump.  But don’t expect Greg Abbott to be among them.  Despite his pledge to speak out when other Republicans launch race-based and mean-spirited attacks, Abbott has taken a duck and cover approach, even failing to speak up when Trump attacks the parents of a soldier killed in combat

Some Red State speakers have already denounced Trump 

“I can’t support someone that I don’t think would take the oath of office in good faith.” - US Senator Ben Sasse, Neberaska 

“I am ashamed and horrified at friends of mine and party leaders who will look the other way to justify Donald Trump.” - Conservative activist Erik Erikson

“Last night, Donald Trump’s speech was bone-chilling and terrifying.” -Conservative radio host Glenn Beck

Abbott promised to speak out against false & derogatory GOP

Appearing with highly respected McAllen Monitor Editor Carlos Sanchez in 2014, Greg Abbott said it was his responsibility as the head of the Texas Republican Party to tone down hateful and divisive rhetoric within the GOP. Here’s what Abbott said: 

Abbott: “anytime anyone says anything that is either derogatory, or sends the wrong message, or is flat out false, then we’re going to make sure to set the record straight.”

Carlos Sanchez then followed up by asking Abbott, “So as the party’s leader now, you feel an obligation to tone down this rhetoric?” Abbott said, “absolutely"

Watch Here

Others speak out against Trump’s derogatory and false language, yet Abbott stays mum while failing to “set the record straight”
Barley a day goes by without Donald Trump rolling out a new attack against a group of Americans, or sending the “wrong message” as Abbott would put it. Just the other day after Trump made remarks about “Second Amendment people” stopping Hillary Clinton, the United States Secret Service had to intervene and discuss the dangerous remarks with the Republican nominee himself. Last week Trump belittled a Purple Heart given to him by a veteran at a campaign stop saying he’d “always wanted” one and that being given one at a campaign stop was “much easier.” However, despite Trump’s inappropriate and dangerous outbursts on a daily basis, Greg Abbott has remained silent and has thus far failed to “set the record straight” as he once promised Texans he would.
Will Abbott speak up or meekly stay silent
Abbott will take the stage tomorrow with conservative leaders who have proved courageous enough to buck their party’s nominee, putting country ahead of party. Abbott has an opportunity to live up to his pledge and join elected officials like Sasse in condemning Trump’s malicious attacks against American veterans, women, Hispanic Americans, and others who Trump has targeted over the past year.
Abbott said he would “absolutely” rebuke politicians like Trump. Tomorrow he can prove to Texans that he’s a man of his word.