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Should Davis forgo a statewide race, political and demographic factors make her senate re-election very likely

Snap media characterizations of State Senate District 10 favoring Republicans in 2014 are almost certainly wrong. Past political performance, the emergence of Wendy Davis as one of the most popular and capable Democratic office holders in Texas and the continued increase in the minority population in SD10, make Wendy Davis’ re-election in 2014 very likely should she decide to forgo a statewide race and seek re-election to her Senate seat.

Shelton should acknowledge his dishonest attack and apologize to Sen. Davis

In a letter written to Mark Shelton and delivered today to State Senator Wendy Davis, the Texas Ethics Commission stated that it will not open an investigation into a complaint filed by Shelton. In its letter, the TEC said:

Weber's illegal actions continue to open door for Democrat Nick Lampson

A formal complaint has been filed with the Federal Elections Commission detailing how Texas CD14 Republican congressional candidate Randy Weber violated federal campaign laws by accepting contributions that exceeded federal limits from as many as seven individuals. The complaint specifies that Weber received illegal contributions totaling at least $22,500. Progress Texas released an excellent explanation of Weber's violations.

Clumsy attacks on Wendy Davis play to her strengths

Early voting began in Texas today, and Senate District 10 Republican challenger Mark Shelton has spent the last several weeks attacking incumbent Senator Wendy Davis, accusing her of a conflict of interest between her work as a private attorney and her service in the State Senate. However, the Shelton attacks have been judged untrue by respected media outlets. As a result, rather than hurt Davis, the Shelton attacks have reinforced Davis’ image as an earnest and effective fighter for middle-class families with any voter, except perhaps those already determined to vote against her.

Now both WFAA Channel 8 and Star-Telegram have judged Shelton attacks as unfair and untrue.

In an effusive editorial endorsement, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram called Wendy Davis "a tough fighter, a conscientious public servant and an able leader." Davis brings energy, passion and drive to public service and is willing to take political risks, including standing up to powerful statewide Republican leaders and strong Austin-based lobbyists. Her approach has won over the conservative but civic-minded Star-Telegram editorial board. Keep in mind that the Star-Telegram backed Republican Kim Brimer in 2008.

Davis/Shelton Debate Aired

Sunday morning, WFAA Channel 8 aired an Inside Politics debate between District 10 incumbent Senator Wendy Davis and her opponent Mark Shelton. Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy joins moderator, Channel 8 political reporter Brad Watson, in questioning the candidates. The program is just under 20 minutes, so I strongly urge you to watch the entire debate.

Mark Shelton reacts to criticism of his vote to shield rapists with a demonstrably false attack on Wendy Davis

Rather than counter Davis with any substantive issue, Shelton instead has launched another personal attack attempting to tarnish the integrity of the well-liked and respected Davis. In an ad just released, Shelton falsely accuses Davis of a conflict of interest on key votes and somehow hiding her activities as an attorney. The same charge has already by fact-checked by WFAA Channel 8 and found to be untrue. The charges in Shelton’s most recent ad can be factually rebutted line-by-line.

Shelton counting on amateurish and misleading claims

The Tarrant County-based Senate District 10 campaign is the most important and closely watched State legislative race in Texas. Incumbent Democratic Senator Wendy Davis has established a much larger local donor base and raised significantly more money than her opponent, GOP House back bencher Mark Shelton (HD97 – Fort Worth). Shelton is, at best, a default candidate for Republicans, but he has been able to count upon Austin-based lobby organizations and partisan State Republican leaders for support.

Campaign allows ad scripts to be leaked to Shelton opponent Wendy Davis

As the press release from Senate District 10 incumbent Senator Wendy Davis below explains, the Davis campaign just moments ago released and rebutted three attack ads to be produced and aired by her Republican opponent Mark Shelton BEFORE THE ADS GO ON THE AIR.

Details to support LSP statements

Recently, I made public statements characterizing Mitt Romney as out of touch with average Americans and disconnected from the middle class. The Lone Star Project has been asked to give further details to support these statements, which we are happy to provide below.


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