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Dallas Morning News says, “Veasey is tested and ready”

New Congressional District 33 spreads across both Tarrant and Dallas counties, including large parts of Fort Worth and the City of Dallas. Many observers expected the Dallas Morning News to endorse one of the Dallas-based candidates.

Phony emails intended to harm lead candidate Chris Turner, with a twist

Campaign activity and recent endorsements in new Tarrant County State House District 101 make it clear that Chris Turner has emerged as the lead candidate.

Leaders emerging from crowded candidate field

With the first quarter financial reports now in and the May 29th Democratic primary about six weeks away, the race for the Democratic Party nomination in new Congressional District 33 is taking shape. The new District 33 is considered a safe Democratic seat, so the Democratic primary election is tantamount to the general election. With 11 Democratic candidates in the race, we expect that none will gain a majority of the vote on May 29th, forcing a July 31st run-off between the two top finishers.

Key Plaintiff groups file advisory informing Court of opposition to AG Proposal

The congressional redistricting proposal announced earlier today continues Texas Republicans’ dishonest attack on voters.

Texas GOP wants Supreme Court to kill the Voting Rights Act

In a live radio interview last week, top Texas GOP operative and Rick Perry insider,Ted Delisi, removed any doubt that Perry, Greg Abbott and the Texas Republican leadership see the Texas redistricting litigation before the US Supreme Court as a chance to end the US Voting Rights Act.

GOP benchwarmers Shelton and Goodman all that’s left after SD10 restored


Republican Power Grab Comes at Expense of Hispanics and African Americans

 Plan 125
See the GOP Plan - PDF

2010 Census - Texas

The new 2010 Census data confirms what the Lone Star Project and many others predicted – the dramatic population growth in Texas over the last ten years is driven almost entirely by minorities. Nearly 9 out to 10 of the new residents in Texas are non-Anglo.

Whether Hillary or Hutchison

In 2008, when Rush Limbaugh suggested that Republicans cross over and vote in the Democratic Primary for Hillary Clinton, it was a pretty good media gimmick and directed attention where Limbaugh likes it most, to himself. (Austin American-Statesman ,

Voter registration applications and provisional ballots in Harris County are reviewed by a paid Republican political consultant working inside the Harris County Elections office.

Who is he? Who put him there? Who protects him?


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