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Whether Hillary or Hutchison

In 2008, when Rush Limbaugh suggested that Republicans cross over and vote in the Democratic Primary for Hillary Clinton, it was a pretty good media gimmick and directed attention where Limbaugh likes it most, to himself. (Austin American-Statesman ,

Voter registration applications and provisional ballots in Harris County are reviewed by a paid Republican political consultant working inside the Harris County Elections office.

Who is he? Who put him there? Who protects him?

Republicans Lose Lead in Party Identification

A recent Gallup Survey report confirms that Texas is no longer a solid Republican state.

Good candidates and careful targeting led to key victories

While immediate attention is understandably focused on the historic election of Barack Obama as our President, the importance of Democratic gains in Texas should not be overlooked.  In virtually every political jurisdiction that Democrats targeted and funded adequately, they won.

LSP Victory Map Shows Campaigns to Watch – and Join

Since the Texas primary run-off, the Lone Star Project has been asked by dozens of activists and donors to help identify the most competitive Democratic challenger and Democratic incumbent races leading into the 2008 General Election.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on LSP letter and unethical "Brimer Loophole"

Monday, April 7, 2008, the Lone Star Project sent a detailed letter to State Senator Kim Brimer documenting his use of campaign funds to make improper "rent" payments on an Austin luxury condominium and his pocketing the profit from the sa

Interest remains high in the Texas Democratic Party’s presidential delegate selection process.  The over 8,000 precinct conventions that took place on March 4th were only the first in a three step process to ultimately allocate 67 of Texas’ 228 Democratic convention delegates.  Over 1 million peo

Super Tuesday Losers: Texas Republican Leaders

In state after state, including traditionally Republican states, independent voters and "new" voters have joined highly-motivated Democrats to propel a much higher turnout in Democratic primaries, casting far more votes than a dispirited Republican base has cast in their primaries.

Kim Brimer's legal maneuver backfires

Today, the Texas 2nd District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth rejected an effort by allies of State Senator Kim Brimer to remove former Fort Worth City Councilwoman, Wendy Davis as his Democratic opponent in November.  For several weeks, Brimer has been engaged in a frantic scramble of administrat

Dan Barrett bounces Mark Shelton bringing Texas Democrats within five seats of a State House majority

Dan Barrett won 52.2% of the vote yesterday in a special election runoff for Texas State Rep. District 97. District 97 was a Republican stronghold that gave George W. Bush 63.9% of the vote in 2004.


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