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Failed Texas GOP Leaders

Bohac’s employee handles ballots for his election and many of his clients

Further examination of documents obtained by the Lone Star Project show that Republican State Representative Dwayne Bohac (HD138 – Houston) sits at the center of the Harris County elections office scandal.

With documents obtained from the Lone Star Project, KHOU (Houston) aired a story last night revealing that Ed Johnson , the assistant director of voter registration for Harris County, is a paid Republican campaign consultant. His company, Campaign Data Systems (CDS), has numerous Harris County Republican candidate as clients, including the Conservative Republicans of Harris County PAC, Senator Dan Patrick, and Congressman Michael McCaul.

GOP ideologues took control during failed and confused Legislative Session

The end of the 2009 Texas Legislative Session can be most accurately described as a collapse rather than a conclusion. From the beginning, partisan but passive leadership allowed the most extreme and divisive members of the Republican Party to set the tone and the agenda.

False attack exposes incumbent’s impulsiveness and incompetence

It didn’t take long for Republican Michael McCaul (Texas-CD10) to show he’s not prepared for a tough re-election contest against his expected General Election opponent, centrist businessman Jack McDonald.   Wednesday, McCaul panicked after being

Deep-pockets Dad steps in to save shaky son-in-law
Rush Limbaugh and Mike McCaul
GOP holding key legislation hostage and putting Texans last … again

The Texas Legislature opened in January with Democrats agreeing to put partisanship aside and aligning with a small band of Republicans to elect Joe Straus as House Speaker. Straus had one major duty – avoid needless partisanship and tackle substantive issues.

Even John Cornyn questions Sessions after latest gaffe

The bar was set low for Pete Sessions (R-Dallas) when he took over as campaign leader for Congressional Republicans.

Shaky Republican Campaign Chairman now just making things up

House Republican Campaign Committee Chairman, Pete Sessions (CD32 - Texas), has quickly established himself as the Republican most likely to say something to embarrass his colleag

New Speaker's leadership and judgement in question

Craddick and Straus
Smith avoids the tough questions and dodges responsibility for partisan pursuit of unneeded Voter ID bill

In a recent interview published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Republican State Representative Todd Smith (HD92 – Euless) got off the hook by dodging the relevant questions regarding the partisan Voter Photo ID Bill he is


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