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Failed Texas GOP Leaders

Even John Cornyn questions Sessions after latest gaffe

The bar was set low for Pete Sessions (R-Dallas) when he took over as campaign leader for Congressional Republicans.

Shaky Republican Campaign Chairman now just making things up

House Republican Campaign Committee Chairman, Pete Sessions (CD32 - Texas), has quickly established himself as the Republican most likely to say something to embarrass his colleag

New Speaker's leadership and judgement in question

Craddick and Straus
Smith avoids the tough questions and dodges responsibility for partisan pursuit of unneeded Voter ID bill

In a recent interview published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Republican State Representative Todd Smith (HD92 – Euless) got off the hook by dodging the relevant questions regarding the partisan Voter Photo ID Bill he is

Todd Smith’s history points to an eventual double-cross

House colleagues, voters and the media should beware of the cynical “bait and switch” tactic that will likely be used by partisan Republican Todd Smith (HD92 – Euless) when the Texas House Elections Committee begins consideration of Voter Photo ID legislation next week.

Smith picked to carry bill that harms seniors, students and women

Republican State House Member Todd Smith (R-HD 92, Euless) was passed over for important legislative assignments like health care, insurance reform, tax cuts, education and crime prevention.

Committee assignments signal partisanship and obstruction

New Texas Republican House Speaker Joe Straus may not have yet built up the personal animosities of his predecessor, Tom Craddick, but his first major action as Speaker is unquestionably partisan and ideological.

Pete Sessions Praises the Brutal Taliban Citing Them as a Role Model for Congressional Republicans

In a bizarre and offensive interview with the editors of the Hotline, Dallas Congressman and newly elected National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) described the Taliban as a “model” for the Republican insurgency in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Lite Governor puts Voter Photo ID ahead of education, health care, utility and insurance reform

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is making sure that a divisive highly partisan Republican agenda item, photo Voter ID legislation, takes precedence over substantive issues that directly affect Texans. Clay Robison of the Houston Chronicle recently reported that Dewhurst is shopping around a so-called photo Voter ID “compromise,” suggesting that Democrats should cut a deal if the bill included the same kind of age limitation that Republicans stripped from similar legislation in 2007. The problem with Dewhurst’s “deal” is obvious: neither he nor his fellow Republicans have produced a shred of evidence indicating there is systematic voter fraud in Texas that would be remedied by a photo Voter ID requirement. They also have failed to substantively refute clear evidence that a voter photo ID bill would create hardships and erect barriers to participation by law-abiding Texas citizens.

Controversial county officer should explain under-the-table job offer, late night resignation and election misconduct

Less than six weeks after asking Harris County voters for another four-year term as Tax Assessor Collector, Republican Paul Bettencourt is bailing out on them – perhaps to avoid answering legal questions about pending litigation charging him with illegal partisan activity.


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