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Failed Texas GOP Leaders

Olson’s vote in Connecticut highlights legal trouble and tenuous Texas ties

Documents obtained by the Lone Star Project show that Republican congressional challenger Pete Olson (Texas CD22 – Houston) voted in both the State of Virginia and the State of Connecticut during a five month period in 2003.

Formal FEC complaint names Zedler, Barton, and Granger


Republican House Caucus Chair uses bogus address to register, file for office and file campaign reports

Frank Corte is claiming a San Antonio vacant lot as his official residence. Not a vacant house, but a VACANT LOT. Corte shows the bogus address on his voter registration, his candidate filing application and on several official reports he filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

After very brief deliberation, State District Court Judge Tom Lowe denied Republican State Senator Kim Brimer’s effort to knock his Democratic challenger, Wendy Davis, off the November ballot. Judge Lowe upheld Davis’ position on every important disputed point.

LSP research reveals Republican Kim Brimer paid himself over $37,000 in phony campaign loan “repayments”

Campaign finance records show that Republican State Senator Kim Brimer (SD10 – Fort Worth) has again used campaign contributor funds for personal gain.

East Texas Federal Court will hear challenge to flawed Texas law

For more than two years, the Lone Star Project has detailed how Texas Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott uses his official office to market and carry out a phony “epidemic of voter fraud” initiative. (Source: Abbott column, March 1, 2006).

  • Coverage for 200,000 Texas children – No
  • Coverage for low paid State Employees – No
  • Coverage for highly paid Austin lobbyists – Yes
Speaker approved special health care bill to cover well-paid daughter

Embattled Republican House Speaker Tom Craddick is cynically encouraging critical news reports and investigations about Members of the Legislature who compensate some employees by making health care coverage available to them.

Brimer keeps the cash, while newspaper shrugs

Two weeks ago, the Lone Star Project documented how Republican State Senator Kim Brimer has exploited a loophole in Texas ethics law by using campaign money to purchase and later sell a luxury condominium in Austin, Texas.  The scheme netted Brimer and his family more than $350,000.

Cornyn and Sessions flunk early tests as campaign chairs

Both Representative Pete Sessions (R-32) and Senator John Cornyn are having a terrible week as chairmen of their respective campaign committees. A few days ago, National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) Chairman Sessions was dealt a serious blow when the Republican candidate for a special election in New York conceded defeat even after the NRCC invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Republican leaning seat. John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) may have trumped Sessions today, as he lost a member of the Republican caucus when Arlen Specter left the Republican Party. Cornyn, who had recently endorsed Specter for the 2010 election, will likely be stuck trying to unseat the incumbent Democratic Specter with an extreme right-wing candidate (Source: The Hill, April 14, 2009).


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