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Failed Texas GOP Leaders

Hawk’s repeated long absences have led to calls that she step down

Over the last year, Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk has taken repeated long leaves from work as District Attorney in order to seek treatment for depression.

GOP governors across the country have denounced Trump, will Greg Abbott?

On the heels of national criticism

Donald Trump ripped off Texans then paid off Greg Abbott

Breaking overnight reports by the Dallas Morning News and the

Formal investigation of violations by Paxton, Miller, Bush and others should go forward as requested by the Lone Star Project

Just 24 hours after the Lone Star Project sent letters to the Texas Rangers, the State Auditor and the Travis County DA requesting investigation into the misuse o

Lone Star Project requests investigation of likely illegal "emergency leave" payments, altered documents and other abuses of state payroll
Today, Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle sent letters to the Texas Rangers, the State Auditor and the Travis County District Attorney requesting formal investigations into a series of questionable payments made by Attorney General Ken Paxton, State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, State
Abbott endorses Trump and fails to speak out against his anti-Hispanic insults and attacks

While running for Governor in 2014, Greg Abbott told highly respected McAllen Monitor Editor Carlos Sanchez that as Governor he would take anti-Hispanic comments personally and hold all other Republicans accountable for any anti-Hispanic views and speech.  Abbott said: 

on His Supporters

Yesterday, Ken Paxton released a video message to supporters that takes the same dishonest con job approach that got him indicted in the first place.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick ducks real Texas problems by bringing fake outrage to Fort Worth

Dan Patrick has decided to grandstand a Fort Worth school board meeting last night.  He will show up to bully local school children, their parents and school officials over a nonexistent controversy on transgender issues.

Neither Greg Abbott nor any other Texas Republican leader has called on Paxton to resign or step aside

On nearly a weekly basis, Texans learn more about the unethical, incompetent and/or illegal actions of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Ken Paxton tells Tea Party activists he is being investigated by the IRS and then insists to the press that he is not

Yesterday, Ken Paxton engaged in a furious debate – with himself – over whether or not he is being investigated by the IRS or had his bank accounts shut down.  


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