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Failed Texas GOP Leaders

Paxton now being prosecuted in both federal and state court

Earlier today, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a formal complaint in Federal District Court in Sherman, Texas charging that Texas AG Paxton engaged in securities fraud. Paxton is already being prosecuted in state court in Collin County, Texas for violations of Texas securities law.

New hire reinforces Cruz reputation for dirty tricks

When news broke yesterday about new staff hires among statewide Republicans in Texas the focus was primarily on Ken Paxton naming ideologue Jeff Mateer as First Assistant Attorney General. The Mateer hire is newsworthy, and we’ll have much more on him in later reports.

Fellow Republicans despise Ted Cruz, but they are in a panic over Donald Trump

Earlier today, 2012 GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney launched a verbal assault on Donald Trump, slamming him as "a phony" and "a fraud" who is "playing the American public for suckers."

Cruz criticizes Trump’s tolerance for the KKK, but ignores Greg Abbott’s

After Donald Trump failed to disavow the endorsement of white supremacist and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Ted Cruz immediately tweeted out:

LSP detailed Paxton land flip scheme in 2015

News reports have confirmed that two additional criminal prosecutors have been assigned to investigate Ken Paxton’s potentially illegal involvement in a shady Collin County land scheme. The prosecutors will look into a series of transactions that could show Paxton using insider information to personally profit from the exchange and sale of land to Collin County.

Over the holidays, the primary challenge to tea party Republican leader, State Representative Jonathan Stickland (TX HD92), hit the boiling point after news reports detailed offensive comments he made advocating rape and other spousal abuse. Here’s the advice Stickland gave in 2008 as part of an online exchange with a person seeking graphic sexual advice: "Rape is nonexistent in marriage, take what you want my friend!"

Cruz hypocrisy & arrogance demonstrated in one vote

Ted Cruz regularly presents himself as an ardent defender of religious liberty, and he eagerly seeks out the spotlight to make sure the news media hears and reports about it. Not too long ago, Cruz jumped in front of the news cameras during the media frenzy over Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis to say:

Criminal defense eroding Paxton's authority and trust

Ken Paxton was back in court yesterday with a bag full of tricks designed to get special treatment and to avoid a jury trial that might end badly for him. A fair review of the facts by a jury could certainly spell big trouble for Paxton. In fact, as the Texas Democratic Party has noted, one of his own defense attorneys called a conviction on one of the charges a "slam dunk" prior to being hired by Paxton.

Abbott’s words and actions on refugees expose a fearful and dangerous nature

In the hours and days following the terrorist attack in Paris, Greg Abbott had a responsibility to speak constructively on the refugee problem, to reassure worried Texans and help undermine the goals of the ISIS terrorist network. He failed this basic test of leadership.

Paxton avoids substance to lash out at judge and criticize procedure

In a flurry of legal filings yesterday, Ken Paxton demanded that the criminal felony indictments against him be dismissed. None of his motions or related filings address the substantive charges that led to his felony criminal indictments for fraud and swindling.


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