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Failed Texas GOP Leaders

Shaky Texas House Republicans go into hiding as Trump flops

Eyes and ears across the country were focused on the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last night, and the Twitter world exploded.

Lone Star Project exposed Shelli Miller illegally selling political tickets over two years ago

Last week the 

Harris County Sheriff Hickman betrayed the family of a law enforcement officer killed by a drunk driver

Abbott can turn the page on two years of distrust

Yesterday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins set an important non-partisan standard for determining who should be considered to replace Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk. 

After losing badly in Dallas County, Abbott should consult local leaders


On Labor Day in Texas and across America we celebrate the value of hard work and acknowledge that working men and women, united in their commitment to protect and strengthen families,

Will George P. Bush as head of the Texas Republican Victory campaign denounce Trump?

Last night Donald Trump delivered a highly anticipated speech presenting his plans on immigration.  Instead of laying out thoughtful policy positions about border se

Governing Magazine ranking shows how Abbott and new GOP leaders failed to prepare for and respond to oil slump
In audio obtained by the Lone Star Project, Trump praised Perry at Ted Cruz’s expense

Don’t think for second that Donald Trump has gotten over being snubbed and insulted by Ted Cruz.  In an audio recording obtained by the Lone Star Project from a private Trump fundraiser in Austin, Texas yesterday, Trump responded to a question about a Cruz v Perry matchup with effusive praise for

Will Texas Republican Leaders Show up?

Donald Trump’s campaign for President has announced it will


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