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GOP Vote Suppression

Court order requires State leaders to get Court approval before any voters removed from rolls

In a court order issued earlier today, Federal District Court Judge Fred Biery stopped Greg Abbott and his Secretary of State in their tracks prohibiting them from taking further action to remove Texans from the voter rolls without getting the process approved by the federal court.

Paxton aiming for an appeals court ruling that will give him broad new authority to harass elected officials.

For over a year, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been prosecuting Jefferson County Sheriff Zena Stephens – the first, and one of only two, female African American Sheriffs in Texas.  The case has

Either Greg Abbott or David Whitley is lying regarding Texas voter purge debacle

In a television interview late yesterday regarding the disturbing voter registration debacle, Governor Greg Abbott made a statement that directly conflicts with sworn testimony given by his appointee a

Court review is latest expression of Greg Abbott and Texas Republican Hostility to Minority Texans

Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement:

Today a federal judge has again

Despite five findings of discrimination, DOJ will support Texas Republican vote suppression

Five times federal judges

Legal brief lays out intentional discrimination by Abbott and other Texas Republican leaders

On Saturday, Governor Greg Abbott and other Texas leaders gathered on the Capital grounds to 

Earlier today Attorney General Ken Paxton 
Abbott and Paxton intend to block voting by citizens whose ID has been lost, stolen, or destroyed

If there was any question that Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton are resisting the federal court order to allow eligible Texas citizens to vote, the brief t


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