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GOP Vote Suppression

Plaintiffs raise concerns that further delay may affect 2018 election schedule

Earlier today, plaintiffs in the pending 

GOP state leaders concede defeat and agree to new Texas voting rules

Today, Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos 

Today, the 5th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in New Orleans 

Congressman Marc Veasey and Houston-based attorney Chad Dunn emerge as new young leaders in battle to protect voting rights.

Two news stories today help illustrate how young Texans are stepping up to help lead efforts to fight back against the ongoing strategy of Greg Abbott and other Texas Republicans to retain power by destroying basic voting rights in Texas and across the country.  

Recent news accounts have detailed overt efforts in Edwards County, Texas to intimidate Latino voters and suppress their participation in the 2016 elections. The actions of Edwards County Republican Sheriff Pamela Elliott are cited as evidence of intimidation. Details of Sheriff Elliott's activities are included in a letter sent by the Voting Rights Institute asking for a U.S. Department of Justice ruling. The letter can be seen here. It reads in part:

Yet He Vilified Innocent Senior Citizens

Yesterday, when asked about a recent poll showing that 62 percent of Texas Republicans believe that indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign, Greg Abbott went out of his way to cut Paxton slack:

Greg Abbott & Texas GOP work to dismantle VRA

There will be celebration and remembrance today on the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Voting Rights Act. Texans can be enormously proud of the role our past leaders played in adopting and extending the VRA. LBJ proposed and pushed the historic law through Congress in 1965. George W. Bush signed the extension of the VRA in 2006.

Sen. Huffman authored amendment creating massive disclosure loophole

The Lone Star Project has learned that a complaint was filed Wednesday with the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) alleging that Republican State Senator Joan Huffman (SD17 – Houston) is in violation of section § 572.023 of the Texas Government Code for failure to disclose a financial interest in 30 business entities controlled by her husband, Keith Lawyer. The complaint can be seen here.

Legal counsel for the lead plaintiffs in the Texas voter ID litigation talks with LSP

Yesterday, Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos ruled that the Texas voter photo ID law was in violation of the Voting Rights Act and the United States Constitution. The judge ruled that Texas GOP leaders adopted the restrictive voting law with the intent to discriminate against Texas minority citizens.

Judge rules against Abbott and finds intentional discrimination by Texas GOP leaders

Earlier today, Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos in the federal court in Corpus Christi, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs challenging the Texas voter photo ID law.


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