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GOP Vote Suppression

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

Sworn testimony in both the voter photo identification trial and the congression

Court cites AG’s “failure to respond” to describe his incompetence and arrogance

Yesterday, Greg Abbott was dealt a humiliating rebuke by a Federal District Judge ruling on attorney fees connected to Texas redistricting litigation. Not only did Federal District Court Judge Rosemary M.

Good for Texas Voters, Bad for Greg Abbott

Earlier today, Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos in the Southern District of Texas scheduled the trial date on the Texas voter photo ID law for September 2, 2014.

Political Appointee Uses Voter's Concern over Required ID to Attack Wendy Davis and Spread Misinformation

State Elections Director Keith Ingram has absolutely no experience overseeing elections–and it shows.

Ingram was tapped by Governor Perry to head the state elections system after he had served for years in Perry’s appointment office.

AG’s redistricting failures have put 2014 election schedule in jeopardy

Late Wednesday afternoon, plaintiffs in the pending Texas redistricting cases filed a brief to block use of the Congressional map that was passed – at the insistence of Greg Abbott – by the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature earlier this year. When considering the plan, Abbott and other Republican leaders refused to make any changes to restore the voting strength of Texas Latino and African American voters, thus preventing the settlement of the pending redistricting law suits.

AG’s incompetence and partisan fear of Texas minority voters exposed

Over the last several days, Greg Abbott has engaged in a “CYA” exercise to hide his failure and incompetence as the Attorney General of Texas during the ongoing litigation involving redistricting and Voter ID.

Republican activists are using US Supreme Court decision to oust duly-elected incumbents and push an anti-minority agenda.

Less than a month after the US Supreme Court struck down key federal statutes needed to enforce the US Voting Rights in the Shelby County v.

Restraining order sought to protect choices made by Beaumont voters

A dramatic struggle is underway in Beaumont, Texas where Anglo-supported candidates who lost to African American candidates just 2 years ago are attempting to reverse the election results in Texas state court. They are seeking to end the four-year terms of three African American school board members after only two years.

Texas GOP arguing to use discriminatory maps

No one should think that Texas Republican leaders have any respect for basic minority voting rights or any intention of sincerely trying to win the support of African American or Hispanic Texans, even though African Americans and Hispanics combined make up a 

Court asked to stop AG Abbott’s voter harassment and selective enforcement

Today, six Texas voters joined with the Texas Democratic Party to file a lawsuit in U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, challenging mail ballot statutes enacted in 2003. The presiding Judge is T. John Ward.


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