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Veasey, Dunn and Hebert courageously fought for Texas voters and won
State Representative Rafael Anchia
Castro Brothers, Pete Gallego, and local elected officials rally Texas Democrats in San Antonio
This past weekend, Texas Democrats gathered in San Antonio to elect delegates to the Democratic National Convention.
Vol. 2 – The Veterans Edition

Last month, the Lone Star Project highlighted the work of three Democratic State House members who fought through the hostile environment of the Republican controlled Texas Legislature to adopt meaningful new laws that help Texas families, veterans and our economy overall.

Texas House Democrats who fought through the political pandering and won

Texans who followed the recently ended session of the Texas Legislature saw more political pandering and divisive rhetoric than any time in recent memory. Most of the hostility was not between Democrats and Republicans though – it occurred between hostile factions of the Republican Party. The infighting created an environment that made productive work very difficult for any responsible member.

Minjarez “has the potential to be a leader in the House”

Yesterday the voters of House District 124 sent a clear message to Austin with the election of Ina Minjarez to the State House. Minjarez ran as a problem-solving Democrat with plans to fight for the needs of her district and Texans across the state.

Texans Will Soon Hear More About Crucial Race

So far, Texas 2014 General Election voters have heard very little about the race for state attorney general.

That is about to change.

Courage and Decency in Dallas County

Regardless of your party affiliation, every Texan, and particularly those living in Dallas County, can be proud of the representation of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.  Judge Jenkins’ media appearances over the last two days explaining his and others efforts in Dallas County to house and human

Highlights from her interview

In a wide-ranging interview on Thursday, March 6th with Texas Tribune editor-in-chief Evan Smith, Wendy Davis discussed how she plans to become the state’s next Governor – and what her priorities will be once she takes office.

At the top of her list – education.

Grandmother, State Senator, Pharmacist, Texan

We bet you don’t know all of these things about the Senator from San Antonio.


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