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It is important to keep today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on Texas redistricting in perspective.

The current maps are significantly better than those originally drawn by Texas Republican leaders due to the relentless efforts of minority advocates and their allies.

Court invalidates two congressional districts giving Texas Republicans opportunity to reverse course on discrimination
Schedule requested that would produce a new congressional map by July 1st

Moments ago the Plaintiffs in the ongoing Texas congressional redistricting case 

Court found violations in the Austin/South Texas/Border region and in Dallas/Fort Worth

Yesterday evening, the three-judge Federal District Court in San Antonio with jurisdiction over the long-pending Texas congressional redistricting case 

Today the Supreme Court of the United States 

After years of deliberation, plaintiff groups call on Court to rule by January 17th

As you know, the Texas congressional and state house districts remain under challenge before a three-judge federal court in San Antonio. In a memo earlier this month, I laid out the status of the case and background on the issues being considered by the Court.

The voting rights claims involving Texas congressional and State House redistricting plans are now in the fifth year of litigation and all ordered briefing is complete, so it is reasonable to expect some action by the Court soon.
Abbott bungled attorney fees motion

Earlier today, the 5th Circuit US Court of Appeals granted a motion by attorneys representing Wendy Davis and other plaintiffs to dismiss an appeal filed by Attorney General Greg Abbott regarding attorneys’ fees. The decision by the Appeals Court is another in a series of miscalculations by Greg Abbott, who has lost every single substantive legal argument in his redistricting battle with Davis.


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