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Garcia underperforms in Dallas, makes no headway in Tarrant

A Lone Star Project analysis of turnout and Democratic candidate support in the May 29th Texas Democratic primary in new Congressional District 33 confirms earlier projections that the configuration of CD33 favors a strong candidate from Tarrant County with the temperament and ability to build coalitions. What’s more, first place finisher Marc Veasey ran further ahead of second place candidate Domingo Garcia than geography and demographics alone can explain. It appears that Garcia’s failure to support major North Texas employers GM, American Airlines and Lockheed along with his personal attacks of Veasey reinforced his reputation for divisiveness and alienated working class voters in CD33.

A look inside the numbers

Last week, the Federal District Court in San Antonio released the interim congressional map to be used for the 2012 elections and set the Texas primary date for May 29th with run-offs scheduled for July 31st (

Plan includes new North Texas minority opportunity congressional district, does not include Travis County-based district

Earlier today, the Federal District Court in San Antonio released the interim maps to be used for the 2012 elections in Texas.

Senator Wendy Davis’ tough, smart, legal fight protects Fort Worth minority neighborhoods

Just a short time ago, the state Attorney General’s office agreed to drop its efforts to dismantle Senate District 10. Under an agreement made with state Senator Wendy Davis and other plaintiffs, Senate District 10 will remain completely unchanged in its configuration.

The High Court sets stage for new Texas district maps

Earlier today, the US Supreme Court overturned the interim Texas redistricting plans ordered by a San Antonio District Court in November. However, the High Court did not order the use of the State’s enacted plans for the 2012 elections.

Three questions for Matt Angle about today’s SCOTUS filings

Court-Drawn Texas Congressional Districts Restore Fairness

Earlier today, the three-judge Federal District Court in San Antonio issued a proposed redrawn congressional redistricting plan to be used for the 2012 elections in Texas. The Court-drawn plan is a clear rejection of the effort by Texas Republican leaders to increase their partisan strength within the Texas Congressional Delegation by violating the voting rights of Hispanics and African Americans. The Court’s plan much more fairly reflects the racial make-up and the political behavior of Texas.

The Federal Court in San Antonio released interim maps for the 2012 Elections for the Texas State Senate and State House late yesterday afternoon. Parties to the pending lawsuit filed brief responses to the plan earlier today.

DC Court denies summary judgment for preclearance of State House, State Senate and Congressional maps. Court will draw interim maps.

Earlier today, a three-judge panel in the DC Federal District Court denied a motion by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott that all three Texas redistricting plans be approved without a trial on the merits o

DOJ will join the argument for a new Texas map

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a federal court brief earlier today objecting to the racially gerrymandered Republican drawn Texas congressional map. The DOJ objection is an important step forward in winning the federal court fight in Washington, D.C.


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